July 2019 Newsletter and Blog

I am super dooper excited to finally connect with you again after such a long time.

We are halfway through 2019 year and I have finally been able to create time to write my newsletters. Life has taken me on a huge journey with you in my heart and mind as everything. I do is always thinking about how I can best support you. Grab a cuppa and let me share with you as this involves you and your future.

For all those that have been watching me on social media, at my speaking events or courses you know that 2019 energies have been all about EXPRESS YOURSELF DIFFERENTLY. According to Sacred Geometry, the ‘19’ is a number ‘6’ which is about express yourself but when it is a ‘19’ it is about doing it different from how you did it before. This can be seen in how schools are treating children; the medical system is speaking up and wanting changes finally and the Millennium Children® are almost ‘yelling’ for the world to evolve.

And I have been doing the same – expressing differently. This year has had me teaching the Medical Intuitive courses (1) Module at a time like I did when I first started and travelling between Melbourne and Brisbane to teach. So LOTS of travel, flights and meeting amazing people. Again, I have been asked to be a Keynote Speaker on Cruise ships teaching all things Medical Intuition. It is like the world is so ready for this and to really understand the laws of manifesting and healing. This totally excites my heart and soul.

Earlier this year I launched my 4th Book which went to Amazon best seller again within a couple of hours. This is amazing as it is a Sacred Geometry Colouring In book. I broke a few more world records ……

1. First Colouring In Book as amazon best seller

2. First Colouring Ebook as amazon best seller

3. First Sacred Geometry Colouring Book to go best seller

I could not help myself and I held 3 colouring in events to create a community of fun, love and connection by colouring in my book. The healing effects were and are amazing and so many have said they can feel the power of the book. You can order here:




My newsletter will now have continual goodies for you as you know I LOVE to LOVE and LOVE to gift. Keep an eye for the headings:


Each newsletter you will be provided with a supportive and empowerment BLOG. This week is about the July 2019 Mercury retrograde and how to use it your advantage CLICK HERE.


I have been teaching the art of Crystal Gridding and reprogramming health to wealth for over 20+ years. Each newsletter you will receive a grid to help your healing journey which can mediate with and use it as a screen saver.

This grid aligns your mind, body and spirit to trust your journey. It is about awakening the new energies of 2020. These energies have come as of the 1st of July 2019. The new Millennium is here for you so you can attract all the abundance that you deserve.


In this section you will receive information that I teach at my accredited Medical Intuitive courses as well as a keynote speaker. My mission is to help you know YOUR HEALTH IS YOUR WEALTH. Use this affirmation to heal your body.


I have taught a 2-day money magnet course for years. This year I decided to release my 12 week online Money Magnet program which has been a huge success with so many incredible results. 2019 is all about expression of you and the law of attraction. Here is your MONEY MAGNET Affirmation. The next online event will commence 3rd September 2019. If you want to more:



Did you know each month of the year has an energy that tells you specifically how to manifest your hearts desires? We start with July which is a time of new beginnings and a time of reflection. This all simultaneously aligns with the July retrograde we have. Read more in my BLOG


What is left for 2019 events …. Lots! What to know more then just contact us.

On that note, I will speak and connect with you very soon. Keep connecting with me and be sure to connect on Facebook with me CLICK HERE


Absolute Love,

Award Winning Medical Intuitive

4 Time Amazon Best Selling Author

Key Note Speaker

Founder of Accredited Millennium Modality® Courses

Director of Millennium Education

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Healing of the mind and body with 5 Tips in being generous to yourself is how we have health and wealth....

Always be UNREAL-istic for your dreams

Healing of the mind and body with 5 Tips in being generous to yourself is how we have health and wealth....

Healing of the mind and body with 5 Tips is being generous to yourself

Healing of the mind and body with 5 Tips in being generous to yourself is how we have health and wealth....