2013 & Beyond

The ways of the ancients and their teachings is about to become reality. The Mayans new the understanding of the Quantum Leap Reality but were not able to fully explain it as they had but been there yet. What were the laws of reality and why had been written about both scientifically and philosophically? The Age Aquarius explain these two worlds as working as one – one mind, one presence , one heartbeat. We are now entering as we enter 2013 and beyond. Life is filled with learning lessons and a continual journey of self discovery. We are currently in the peak of that learning now as we are in 2012.


This ‘Oneness’ refers to the experience of the absence of egoic identity (atonement). There is no duality which is analogous to the ABSOLUTE. It is the blending of the conscious and subconscious minds to be the Universal mind or commonly known as the Higher SELF. This was taught in Atlantis. Along the way we have the opportunity to ‘re birth’ ourselves and self realise to recreate our world in to anything we want.

So what is the Quantum Leap of Reality?




There are certain principles of absolute love and consciousness. These are written about in the Bible, Book of Enoch and Course of Miracle books. These are the principles where as a human society will eventually come to live in a new world. A new dimension of reality. It is not outside of our self but within our heart. These were  the teachings of the churches many thousands of years ago. This new perspective on life was seeing as a reflection and knowing if it is without it is within at all times. There were certain principles taught from Lemuria and Atlantis.

Principles of Absolute Empowerment: 
(Taught Module IV Medical Intuition)

♦  You are free from self destructive thoughts and behaviour.

♦  You are creatively alive at every moment.

♦  You like and accept everything about life including the learning lessons.

♦  You feel comfortable doing anything and everything – and if not will give it a try to get to that point.

♦  You choose not to worry as they have an internal signal that reminds them that worry destroys them.

♦  You know the sensations of fun, pleasure, joy and bliss and prefer the healing properties of these emotions.

♦  You are inter dependant and integrated – knowing that life is a continual journey of self realisation and discovery to joy.

♦  You are doers and helpers, knowing which is appropriate at the time.

♦  You are not unwell/sickly by nature as they have innate understanding of self healing.

♦  You treat the bodies like a temple and nourish it on all levels – mind, body, spirit.

♦  You like to live fully and you do.

So what is the Quantum Leap of Reality?

Life becomes more at peace and harmonic with everything appearing as a story and you are the author of your life. You design your destiny as you know you are the Creator of everything. This is life with out attachment and a sense of knowing from you heart rather than your head. It feels like everything falls in to a place and when you have full faith in yourself. All works out.


FAITH: Being sure of what you hope for
And certain of what you do not see.

With that faith also comes TRUST in yourself. Trust is the faith, belief an confidence in yourself to be able to create. Utilising Medical Intuition, we can only create as we have a uterus/prostrate. And even if they have been surgically removed the body does not know they have been removed and will still function for you. What do you want to create – what are your thoughts? What are you visualising? What are you feeling. It is about being so conscious of your thoughts and action and knowing you have created everything in your world.

Have you taken the leap of quantum reality? There must be something there otherwise you would not be reading this!


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