What does 2017 energy for us

What does 2017 energy bring for us?

2017 energy what will it bring? As the energies for 2016 close it is time to farewell the old illusions and anything that no longer serves us. According to sacred geometry (Sacred Geometry explained) it is time to be open to receive and that can be receive compliments, feedback, insights and even abundance.

Many of my clients have shared that the 2016 energies have been intense and so many learning lessons. Yes, this is part of the soul evolution for each individual but also for the planet. We are souls having a hu-man experience and along the way it is an opportunity to see our brilliance and see potential in all of life. According to the ancient wisdom of Atlantis (article) and Lemuria (article) and Sacred geometry it is time to come in to our hearts and see the bigger picture which is there is only love. This is the energy of 2017. 2016 brought many retrogrades, eclipses, and planetary alignments which have made all of us shake and wake. The recent lunar eclipse September 2016 unsettled many people and especially those that are sensitive to energies.

This wake and shake was predicted in many life times and is a repeat of Atlantis and Lemuria as it is time to wake up to what is really important and that is absolute love, family and unity. That was also the idea for Christmas (Christams time to connect article); that families and friends all get together as one and enjoy each other and celebrate the year. What has occurred is a loss of unity and oneness. Again this was predicted in Atlantis. All the plants, mother earth and animals have an innate knowing of this and are prepared or preparing by going into hibernation or what we call extinction. But it really is a morphing and transformation on a new level. The wake up and especially for 2016 is for people to wake up to family and what really matters which is absolute love and one mind & heart.

Depression article and anxiety article have become our biggest dis-eases besides cancer and again this part of the next evolutionary step. Depression is not being able to access our potentiality and the anxiety is not trusting our self that we can have our hearts desires. Of course this does not make it any easier to those that have or are experiencing it. It is understanding that this is part of the shake and wake for all to ask themselves what really matters. During my medical intuitive sessions clients experiencing these conditions have also stated that they have a HUGE fear that does not seem normal. This was predicted in Atlantis and Lemuria and was shown to be the changing and evolving of the hu-man spirit in to remembering we are all one. However in 2016 we have experienced many situations of separation and isolation whether it be nations, countries or families. Again this was and is part of a sacred plan and an opportunity for us to remember who we are.

As we invite the 2017 energies to come in to life it is important to do all things from heart and not the monkey mind. Connect with friends and family and see how they are – not just on one day but regularly. Listen to your intuition and follow your heart. There will be upheavals but this is an opportunity for us to work together and work as one gigantic family. Set yourself 5 intentions for your own personal growth to see amazing you are. Put in your diary to connect with 3 lost friends of family members and send them a card or note in the mail to say ‘I am thinking of you’. Everyday practice a random act of kindness … my favourite is paying for someone else’s coffee or meal, buying flowers for a stranger or even cleaning someone’s house when they are sick. But the easiest way is to smile, take a deep breath for yourself or call someone to say I am thinking of you. Create a vision board or mind map of things that make you feel happy in your heart. And these are not necessarily materialistic they could be sitting at the beach or holding your partners hand or reading a book to a child. 2017 energy is about heart contentment for self and others. One delicious way to attract your hearts desires for 2017 is to create an altar. “A family alter, alters the family” I have one filled with crystals, photos, each day I light a candle and incense and do a prayer for all of my family and humanity and the earth to give my thanks for me being alive or all that I have. Children of any age love this and it can be so much fun.

Every night is I say my grateful affirmation in bed. This creates endorphins, natural happy hormones which go into my core cells and activate my health whilst I am asleep in Alpha state. First thing in the morning I awake saying who can I be of service to today. This is heart energy and the energy of 2017. May 2017 bring much heart love and experiences to you.

May the 2017 energy bring your hearts desires and I so look forward to seeing you next year. Much heartfelt love to you.

Thank upifrom my heart

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Healing of the mind and body with 5 Tips in being generous to yourself is how we have health and wealth....

Healing of the mind and body with 5 Tips is being generous to yourself

Healing of the mind and body with 5 Tips in being generous to yourself is how we have health and wealth....