2022 energies Are Here Now




Hello amazing soul!

I am back and connecting with you. Thank you for reaching out and requesting news, insights, guidance and universal messages.

Over the last few years, Millennium Education and myself have taken a journey in to supporting, teaching and travelling to teach Medical Intuition and Sacred Geometry on cruise ships, universities and corporations. It was always my vision when I created this business to have the metaphysical in mainstream. I have taught at schools, to teachers, in hospitals, to Doctors & nurses & allied health. This incredible work of Medical Intuition was so welcomed and so needed.

Behind the scenes I have planning, preparing, and making magic ready for 2022 which includes releasing universal codes to success. Those on social media have experienced this. September 2021, I will do a full launch and you will be gifted this from my regular newsletters.

I am ecstatic as it has been planned for so many years, but I needed to wait until now before doing it. I had the vision when I was 26 years and had to take step by step to get where I am now to allow the universal messages to be integrated into the mainstream.


As it is the first newsletter since January 2020, I have a super offer for you to align with the women who want to return to their Goddess, High Priestess, Queen energy related to Atlantis. Release your ancestral pain and limitations. Connect your destiny and purpose with a Shamanic Vision Quest. You will make a Shamanic Crystal wand. Limited to only 6 women. 3 places left.


As I was preparing for this first connection with you, I received a ‘download’ that I must share about the law of attraction according to the new millennium and 2022 energies. This energy commenced 19th July 2021. Many of you felt it. I know I did as there was buzz in my spine that said, ‘OK it’s time’. Even my dog, Zac, was energised and his aura changed colour from orange to purple.

A transformational energy shift is occurring according to Sacred Geometry as we enter 2022 energies which is about ending of the archaic ways to transition in the new paradigm of absolute love related to Lemuria, unconditional love and unlimited potential. It is time to remember the law of attraction and how powerful thought is. This is known as Sacred Geometry and patterns.

Law Of Attraction Crystal Grid

This week I share with you an activation crystal grid aligned with new law of attraction of now until end of 2022.

Use this to meditate with and feel the energies of transformation and manifestation.

The spiral affect is linked to the 5th dimension of the Golden Age of Reality – think it and manifest it. Dreams become a reality. The spiral seashells are linked to Atlantis where the High Priestess knew the true healing gift of absolute love. It is also about setting boundaries to attract all that you desire.

The Moonstone Egg represents new beginnings and to know whatever happened in the past has left. Moonstone is a stone for “new beginnings”. It enhances intuition, promotes inspiration, success and good fortune in love and business matters.

The spiral of lemurian seed points brings you to the center of the universe to access and attract what you want. This pattern is a pattern of ancient times showing us how to live abundantly. Feel the energy now. Meditate with it.

So this new year, 1st of July 2021 to 30th June 2022 is a time of creating new patterns, let go of the hard masculine ways. Be open to receive and welcome the new into your heart.

An affirmation to help you with this new energy is

“My heart is open to all the new abundant ways and

energies so that I can live my best life.”


Ok lovely. I need to get back to my planning and goal setting as I do each August but this time I am focusing on the Secret Code To Success™ and the community we are creating for you.

It is time to celebrate you!

Speak soon


Millennium Education





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