How do we integrate our most heartfelt dreams into our reality? Some people feel it is chasing a pipe dream, others think it is a waste of time or simply not logically possible. But these same people are creating their own reality, effortlessly and spot on every time. Only they don’t see it and fail to realise how much control they actually have in their manifestations. Never before in History have we had such an opportunity to become fully aware of what we are able to achieve with so much variety and experience of times gone by. Let me explain the awakened state of manifesting where we can tap into the 5th dimension and beyond and what I have come to notice and put into practice about manifesting our true desires here on earth.
Energy fields are constantly banging into each other. Some vibrate, some resonate and others clash together and cause total disharmony. Every living thing has an energy signature and transmits a frequency that can be felt by its surrounding environment. When this frequency encounters another vibration, it can either begin to resonate with this new vibration or clash together in utter chaos. For example, when a group of people are singing, if they are not in unison, it will sound discordant and even cause a noticeable uncomfortable ringing in your ears. But when a group of singers are finely tuned, you can feel the harmony and clear expression of their singing.

As you go about your day, manifesting whatever it is your thinking about, or have planned, you may find yourself familiar with either side of the below examples depending on if you are in flow with your desires or if you’re hitting a brick wall. Where is your focus? Read the below and sit for a minute, where do you feel these things in your body? How do they manifest in your relationships? What are you attracting towards yourself?


Harmony Disconnection
Alignment Confusion
Balance Fear
Success Sabotage
Happiness Defeat

Someone once said that feeling oneness is being so in tune that you do not know where you end and the outside begins. It’s all got to do with:


When you are wanting something to manifest, you are requesting that your intention be heard, aligned and also felt ( or confirmed) by others and in union of finding common ground with people , energy or objects that previously was not there for you to enjoy. Now, manifesting something that for now does not appear real, is really quite easy. It’s about activating vibrational fields until finally it has gained momentum and depth and does not seem appropriate to call it unreal anymore. You can use this to attract money, health, friends or anything you wish. If we set our intention in a state of gratitude, then our brains obediently will start looking for other objects / energy that is ‘common’ to this intention. This process is called the Reticular Activating System, or RAS. Therefore, our reality is confirmed when we find common ground or similar feelings on the outside. When this comes into alignment, then we can focus on this and it appears in our reality and is confirmed to be real. 

Building blocks of creation

After the moment of conception when 1 cell divides into 2 and then 4, 16, 32 etc. soon enough a woman with birth a living child. This can also ring true for the birth of an idea, a formula or a group consciousness. If we create awareness of our intention through meditation, visualisation, sharing and action, we notice that it attracts a harmonic resonance. By actually feeling exactly what it is that we are wanting to manifest, we invite our RAS to search out that frequency in the world around us. Now here comes the secret to driving this baby.. 

When 2 or more of a similar vibration are present, the divine spirit is acknowledged and starts to work magic in bringing about a 3D manifestation on the earth plane.

Sacred Geometry has many levels of consciousness including shapes and platonic solids. The endless possibilities from these foundations are limitless and the depth of perception can keep you memorised for hours. From a 3Dworld and through learning and experiencing modalities like medical intuition, you can begin to stretch your consciousness and begin to understand your own desires from dimensions such as the 4th, 5th and higher. These are the moments that take your breath away, where suddenly all the hard work, effort and commitment has been worth it. It is a facet of your being that cannot be recognised at the first idea, but through manifestation you can start to sense the divine essence that is life itself. Everyone can unite in this feeling, but the special gifts, knowledge and unique experience is what will add shape and structure to the experience.

So to manifest, you must put your intention out to the world, so the opportunity for other people, objects and energies have the chance to synchronise and help it grow to maturity. I recommend planting seeds in many areas of your life and continually sharing your desires so as matching energies can easily recognise them. The unlimited potential will come from the divine essence of all facets meeting as one and bringing their unique codes and experiences to the table for total alignment.

An idea or dream is so much better to be experienced rather than just wished upon as reality here on earth has gifts fare beyond our own personal intention and when we share with the world, we are rewarded with magic and divine presence that is in essence what we are seeking to manifest all along. So now that we know how easy it is to manifest, lets dissolve all those energies that are channelled into the directions and vibrations that are not in line with our true heartfelt desire and let’s get to the good stuff. Heaven is here on earth, if you bring it. 

I invite you to meditate on this work as it can be felt and understood on many different levels.

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