Allow Your Potentiality to Shine

Allow Your Potentiality to Shine

What is a road block and how can people overcome their personal road blocks? 

A road block is an obstacle that you set yourself, believe it or not. Yes we want to blame someone or something else but it is us to us. It is a self limiting belief. But it is all in the mind – the separate mind of limitation forgetting we are conscious co creators. What we do as we grow older is we get more and more conditioned by society to just do what is safe and basically don’t go off the trodden path. What you see is the people that are successful in life are the ones that take a different direction. There is a reason why everyone who is average does average things. The people who aren’t average do non-average things. There is a reason why only a small percentage of society that are successful financially and in other areas of their life. 

Self limiting beliefs are obstacles you set yourself. For example ‘Hey Jean, why are you giving me this advice when you could just do it yourself?’ That is an example of a road block. When our heart is open we see the gift in all things and know there is genuine gifting and sharing. Lets stop here as I was one of those people that could not see the gifting from others! I would be given a compliment and would shrug it off or someone would offer to help and I would be ‘independent’ and push through in martyr ways. Can you relate to this? Then the example of road block is I could not see when the universe was gently or sometimes pushing me to see the gift in supposed trauma. The example here would be my Mum dying on Christmas day when I had just turned 16 years old. Within 12 months I could see the gift that if she had not died I would not have been the person I am today …. It was a huge gift to me. There is always people that want to help – now open your heart to see it. I can assure you there are more genuine people than non genuine. 

If you expect to meet ‘bad’ people, you will. I don’t see bad people and therefore I don’t meet bad people. Maybe they take another street, flight, road something different from me as I just don’t attract them in my life. The same goes with road blocks in personal and professional life. 

I had road blocks so huge when I was a teenager that they would stop me in my tracks. I can come across the same blocks now but they are tiny that I do not fall to the illusions of the ‘block’. In reality they are the same size but my self limiting beliefs are not there. It is because I know they are perception and it is how I see them as a limitation, story or challenge. So it the comes to what road block? This concept can be applied t any area of life. What if life was about experiencing something, reviewing the results for self and then making a decision whether you want a different outcome. This is break through …. for you as it is important you know rather than anyone else. 

Lets have an example. When a baby first learns to crawl and walk, they don’t limit themselves, they keep trying to get the result they want. As a child when we loose a friend we easily look for another with grace and ease. When we first learn to drive the concept of learning so much and being in control of our journey van be daunting. And yet on the first lesson we see ‘proof’ to our self of what we think we can not do. The more we do it the more we have more proof. You have gone from believing to knowing. You must have believed on some level that you could achieve this experience otherwise you would not have given it a go let alone more attempts. This is a reflection of all areas of your life whether business, work, relationships children, retirement and more. When we are in ‘belief’ we can still be in some doubt, but when you give ‘it’ a try, you have proof and result. It is up to you how to see that result as a success or failure. Once you know what you are doing, or more conscious and you have results you like/enjoy, you have the opportunity to keep pushing the same buttons for the same systems. If you don’t like the results try different buttons. The opposite of doubt is faith. The key is to have faith in your self that you are a conscious co creator at all times and there is no wrong or right. When we have faith the universe will deliver your order, dreams and desires so much faster. 

There is an adult saying ‘I will believe it when I see it’. Dr Wayne Dyer, considered the father of personal development says the truth is ‘I will see it when I believe it’. This is what children do especially at Christmas time. They have a knowing that they will get their hearts desires. It is once you believe and have faith in your self you have a inner knowing that you will attract and achieve your hearts desires. There is another trick to this …. It is appreciation, just like houses and money. When I had my first car, it was small and unique and a bomb! I always cared for it as though it was a new modern vehicle of pure luxury. I washed and polished it and kept it sparkling even though there was a huge dint from the previous owner. What I was creating was the BE, DO , HAVE heart story. My belief was and is if that I treat something as though it is precious and grateful with full appreciation I will attract more of the new. I was called ‘stupid’ and ‘ridiculous’ for this belief system but it seemed to work every time. The winning formula or system was for me to be the person I would with a new car, do the things I would with a new car and then I would have the new car. It happened. This concept of BE, DO, HAVE has something I have applied and played most of my adult like and it continually offers me amazing opportunities such as travel around the world, teach what I love, meet wonderful people, and so much more. So BE abundant in your heart and do this that create that feeling with the knowing it unlocks the road blocks and you will attract and have your hearts desires. The clue is not to give up but give of faith in your self. 

The more you give the more you get. ‘You make a living by what you get, you make a life by what you give’ by Winston Churchill. I love this saying. The giving can be seen with expectations and we forget to see where it comes from and what it is. Receiving can be a sale you did not expect, a discounted petrol voucher, an old friend repays a debt they owed for many years, your receive a compliment from a total stranger. The key is to give freely to you and be open like a child and be open to what is about to be offered to you. The first gift is of a nurturing thought about your self and reflect what you have been able to achieve each day. Have appreciation for your self and gratitude and watch the miracles occur. A miracle is a change of perception and seeing the lesson in all things. So for Christmas, see the gift in everything – no matter what occurs. The present is living in the noe not past or future as when we are in the now that is all that matters. Potentiality is always within us but we forget and it is when we reflect on what we have created we can see more possibilities. Remember you are a hologram of pureness and are in different stages of remembering.

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