Always be UNREAL-istic for your dreams

Always be UNREAL-istic for your dreams

Heart to Heart


I was told my whole life to be ‘realistic’; to do what is logical, feasible and doable.

That hurt me, kept me small and limited and crushed my soul and essence of who I was.


Realistic is safe. It’s boring. It’s simply a repeat of your past. Realistic leaves no room for the magic and the miracles that we are all craving.


Life is about seeing the impossible and making it a reality. For me being in business and wanting the best for my clients, students and of course you, it is about me getting uncomfortable and being UNREAL in a great way where you say to yourself ‘unreal banana peel’. It is about having dreams and desires that sometimes scare the pants right off us!

So, I ask you what it would feel like to BE UNAPOLOGETICALLY UNREALISTIC! Dream bigger, dream harder and get excited about what you discover about yourself in the unfolding of something outside your reach!

That is what I have done my whole life and especially in creating my business, Millennium Education, which I did as way to support people and animals, for the sole reason to help you and others shine your brilliance.

Along the way I have been told ‘it will never work’, ‘you are an embarrassment to take out’, ‘it will cost the family money’ and ‘what a stupid thing to do’. I didn’t listen as I had a mission and legacy and that was to help people feel great about themselves and their life. And the best way I knew how to do it is with Medical Intuition sessions and training and of course the Mystery School lessons.

Yes, I am now known for …

I am UNREAL-istic.

I don’t do things that are safe.

I take chances.

I go where others won’t.

I look and access the magic.

I don’t always fit in to the ‘norm’

I do make a new way for others to consider

I dream big

I am excited about what I do

I don’t have time for boring

I see what is possible

I do things that scare me

I am unapologetic for being me

I love being crazy and outrageous and gold sparkles.

At the moment I am away writing my 8th Book for you. My book Secret Codes to Success® was written in 12 hours in 2022 and the book Secret Codes to Manifesting® was written in 9 hours. I wonder how long it will take me to write this book.

The one thing I know for sure, is that when you be UNREAL-istic, and do it every single day, life is filled with joy and love. And then many ask me ‘what’s your secret jean?’ I say BE YOU!

May this inspire, uplift, and motivate you to be all of you.


And as for the book, wish me gold sparkle vibes so I can make magic for you. I will share about it in my next newsletter.

And of course, if you want to learn more from the ancient teachings of MYSTERY SCHOOL, reply to this email.


Love to you,


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2025 Medical Intuition Practitioner Program

Congratulations to our last intake of qualified Medical Intuitive Practitioners

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Healing of the mind and body with 5 Tips in being generous to yourself is how we have health and wealth....

Always be UNREAL-istic for your dreams

Healing of the mind and body with 5 Tips in being generous to yourself is how we have health and wealth....

Healing of the mind and body with 5 Tips is being generous to yourself

Healing of the mind and body with 5 Tips in being generous to yourself is how we have health and wealth....