Your Biography becomes your Biology

Your biography becomes your biology – what is your body saying?

An interview with Jean Sheehan of Millenium Education,
Hosted by the Spited Womens Movement.


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So what is your body saying? Discover about your body parts, how you can design your destiny through your body and how you write your own script and can create your hearts desires.

Each body part has two ‘jobs’ – physical and metaphysical. And when you understand the metaphysical aspect you can be, do and have anything you want. The key is finding the ‘story’ and listening to your body and it will reveal all. Once you know, you can transform your life to be healthy, happy and abundant on all levels.

The human body is a blueprint for your most dominant thoughts. It is a print out of the internal vibration. Our bodies hold on to our experiences, thoughts and belief systems. The body is a reflection of our truth and shows our unconscious secrets. You are the author of your life.

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