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  • *For all children session, I hereby give Jean Sheehan, of Millennium Education permission to deliver the session to my child and by signing this form I understand and accept the terms and conditions.

    I take full responsibility for their care as they are under 16 years of age. If they are 16 + years I allow them to be alone with Jean Sheehan.

  • I hereby acknowledge and agree that the use of information provided by Millennium Education Pty Ltd and Jean Sheehan - the Millennium Modality┬« all modules, any sessions and seminars, and any procedure or techniques learnt in the courses/sessions are in no way designed to replace medical practices or medical advice given to people from qualified medical practitioners. The information/workshop material makes no claim to cure any illness or disease, nor does it claim to diagnose and prescribe advice. The information is not intended to offer medical, psychological services, and whenever persons find themselves in need of treatment by a qualified medical practitioner, the above mentioned party encourages them to do so. In the event that you use the information from the course/session/seminar for yourself or others, the above mentioned party assumes no responsibility for your choices, decisions or actions.

    I understand that Jean Sheehan, Millennium Education Pty Ltd is offering information only and it is my responsibility in choosing whether to accept or disregard any/all of the information given to me. This is about me (person mentioned above) understanding I have a choice whether to give my power away or follow my intuition and be guided by that. I have the right to agree/disagree and express myself. I understand Jean Sheehan is using her intuition and everyone perceives differently. That is their right. It is ultimately up to me (Above mentioned) to create what I want to make a difference in my life. I take full responsibly for my life and my actions.

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