Hello gorgeous Soul.


I am so excited you are joining my event.


I always know when people are ready to join me in an event whether online or offline, I know that they are ready to live their best life. That you are ready to live your best life and be the JEAN – I – O – US ®.


This means that you are ready to shine your brilliance and be the best version of you.


This means that you are ready to help yourself, your family and your clients.


This means you are willing to let go of pain, loss, hurt or discomfort.


This means that you are ready to have clarity, direction, confidence, shine your brilliance and be the JEAN-I-O-US®

I love it.

To assist your journey and awaken the process and to connect to your natural gift, I have a guide for you on what is necessary before your event.


You have the choice to NOT do this or JUST DO IT so that you have the full benefit of the ascension process



  1. Your ascension and transformation to the JEAN-I-O-US® zone is with ease and grace.
  2. Your cellular memory transform.
  3. You reach your full potential.


By now you have all the details for your event and if not just contact us at info@MillenniumEducation.com or if you are in Australia call

07 5641 4009


My events have been designed to help transform people’s lives to the full potential of who they are and connect those that are ready, back to the original source of ONENESS, known as ABSOLUTE LOVE & EMPOWERMENT.

It is about awakening to a new reality and dimension to be the CREATOR of your world.


The techniques and power of energy are designed to activate an ascension process can occur to the new dimensional force of evolution.


These techniques and tools are ancient and advanced creating ‘internal shifts’ that will transform your life and others.


To work with these energies, it is necessary to prepare yourself so that you can obtain maximum transformation.

Preparation is a choice.

It comes back to the individual’s responsibility and what they want and how much they want to transcend.


The ascension process integrates with ease when choosing to follow the guidelines.


For at least 7 days prior to the event, the body commences to tune in to the evolutionary process.


It is necessary to avoid specific foods as this will affect the process. The following guidelines are to be integrated with or under the supervision of your health provider and or Doctor in accordance with their instructions.


You are made of 85% – 95% water and so to help change the pain to brilliance and love it it important to drink plenty of water.

At least two 2 – 3 litres a day

Unless you are on a fluid restriction or under medical restrictions or on medication that prevents you.


The body thrives on healthy fruit and vegetables for so many reasons – too many to list here.

When you eat lighter with fruit and veg you process the accession process so much easier

You can create variety with this by making salads, raw, juices, smoothies (with no milk) and of course so many styles of cooking from roasting, steaming, shredded.

FISH & CHICKEN Small quantities
TOFU, SOYA PRODUCTS Small quantities
NUTS, SEEDS Seeds such as pepitas, sunflower, pumpkin and almonds are preferred if you do NOT have an intolerance or allergy to the mentioned.
Otherwise no nuts
SLEEP, MEDITATION Ensure you rest and have plenty of sleep.
Meditate for at least 10 MINS. Per day
FOCUS Focus on the LOVE.
Know & write down specifically what you want.
We only receive what we expect – so ask yourself what you expect

Refrain from the following:

Wheat i.e. bread, pasta, cakes, biscuits

➢ Sugar

➢ Alcohol

➢ Experiential and recreational drugs

➢ Carbohydrates i.e. Rice, pasta

➢ Dairy

➢ Caffeine

➢ Smoking

➢ Red meat


*This in accordance with the individual’s specific dietary needs and instructions from health/medical care.


For those that require to do so, you should seek medical approval first and provide a medical certificate to info@MillenniumEducation.com.


This is my lifestyle and I only share with you what has worked for me in my awakening to the JEAN-I-O-US zone. I share this in my book THE JEAN SHEEHAN STORY


And when I teach I will do this so I can connect to your higher self and the universe to ensure you have the best possible care and results.


I will see you soon.

NOTE- Jean Sheehan and Millennium Education PTY LTD takes no responsibility for any person’s choice, decision and/or action.