Jean Sheehan’s


For meditation

The Crystal Grid that you are about to enter is sacred geometry. This is a mathematical code to creation and consciousness. It is made with Lemurian crystals which allow unification with your soul by travelling through the crown chakra.


These crystals are gateways of communication with the totality of all – the absolute.


This allows you to be in your heart space and out of your head space. This opens the doorway to potentiality knowing that anything is possible.


You may tap in to other realities, see the illusions as they are and gain access to your own inner wisdom.


This gird will cleanse your crystals so you may like to take your crystals in with you and leave them within the grid until the end of the day.


A Millennium Education Team Member will let you know when you can retrieve these before leaving the event for the day.


Ensure to never walk in the grid when walking past.


Anytime you enter the grid it must be in silence and only with Millennium Education TEAM permission.


As the grid is activated there will be times that you cannot enter.



Upon entering the room, there are specific rules to follow. We ask you that you follow and respect these rules for all to benefit from this extraordinary experience.

  • No talking upon entering the room, or in the grid unless the Millennium Modality® Facilitator asks you to speak.
  • No leaving the grid, unless told to do so at the end of the ceremony by Millennium Modality® Facilitator.
  • Enter the room and you will be guided by M.E.  Team Member  where to stand outside the grid until asked to enter and sit down.
  • When sitting in the grid you may only do so outside of the Star of David and definitely no entering the inside of the grid.
  • If you require the toilet you must do so before entering the room for the mediation and you may not leave the grid to go to the toilet. When entering the room you are to wait around the outside of the grid.
  • No shoes allowed in the grid.
  • No cushions, pillows or blankets are allowed with the grid.
  • No food, water or drinks are permitted within the grid.
  • Ensure that your watches are taken off as these can be affected by the crystal grid.
  • Your mobile phone must be turned off.

Thank you from my heart for taking this divine journey with me