Crystals are effective on some level, even if their owner, (caretaker), doesn’t believe it. All crystals are powerful and effective. When choosing, look for pleasing colours, clarity, chipped points as well as symmetrical shapes. Supposedly crystals can be like cats in that they choose their owners. So if you’re supposed to have a particular crystal, even a rare one, it will come to you somehow.

Crystals are electronic. Not only does the human body run on electricity, but so does the whole Universe. No one knows the source of this electricity. Scientists know what electricity can do but don’t actually know what it is. The human aura emanates a vibration which can be measured as a unique kind of electricity. Our body magnetism is a collection of direct current, having a positive and negative polarity, along with the emphasis on some ‘unknown’ power which holds these energies together. Each cell has a positive and negative side. The whole nerve network is purely electricity, and so when you pick up a crystal it will start to vibrate in harmony with your body and your subconscious mind.

Crystals react to vibrations which can be manifested through touch, sound and even air, such as speaking to them.

When in contact with the body, the crystal starts functioning on energies received from the physical body of the owner. It will also do the same in the presence of someone’s aura, due to both being forms of electricity. The crystals receive the vibrations, amplifies them and then ‘broadcasts’ them outwards in spiral waves. These amplifications are received by the sensory receptors and relayed via the nervous system and into the brain, to the hypothalamus gland. After receiving and decoding the meaning of these vibrations the hypothalamus sends a record of them to the subconscious memory bank and then relays the vibrations through the body cells and down to the crystal. The crystal receives the same message it has broadcasted, amplifies it again to start another circuit route for additional reinforcing. Almost like a CD player playing over and over, the crystal keeps repeating its impressed vibrations indefinitely. This is why it is important to keep the crystal in close proximity to you. It keeps reminding the physical and ethereal bodies and its component of the original intent.

Crystals are used for healing as they create amplification and harmonising of the body’s own energy on a cellular level. It lifts the subtle to a higher vibration, boosting necessary insights and understanding on a deep level. The electricity that the crystal generates helps heal by transferring gentle energy into the body where it is needed and amplifies positive programming to get well and stay well, such as boosting the immune system. Clinical studies have shown that the body can produce ‘interferon’, (the body’s natural immunising agent), by using mind control and will power.

For healing purposes, crystals can be worn next to the skin, such as in the bra or next to you such as in a pocket. Depending on the crystal, and using your intuition, the crystal can be placed in your pillow case, so it will heal the affected areas whilst sleeping. Placing crystals on or near you, such as on a desk or bedside table will still have the same affect. Remember it is being absorbed through your chakras and auras.

By placing crystals into a glass or jug of water, the body will naturally absorb the healing properties of the crystals as you drink the water. If choosing to do this method, it may be the actual healing properties of the crystal that you want, or it could be the healing properties of the colours. (Colours can affect our over wellbeing.) Please note all crystals can NOT go in water and check what can and can’t.

Cleansing and Programming Your Crystals

Crystals can be cleansed in many ways and it is up to the individual to use their intuition as to the best way to cleanse it. Some of the ways include:

    1. place the crystal in sunlight and/or moonlight for three hours or more,
    2. hold the crystal in running water for a few minutes (Not all crystals can go in water)
    3. place the crystal in rock/ sea salt for 1hhour,
    4. bury the crystal in rich nutrient soil,
    5. bury the crystal in sand at the beach,
    6. place the crystals into rain, stream or fresh running water such as a river.

It is important that the ‘caretaker’ of the crystal be the first to touch and pick up the crystal. This allows for the crystal to know who it needs to connect with. Holding the crystal in the palm of your hand, ask for assistance and make a request for the crystal to provide and help you with the qualities you need to absorb from this crystal. Because they react to vibration, they will also react to your emotional state; so if you try to programme your crystal whilst angry, it will not perform to its maxim potential.

Remember to thank your crystal!