DNA Symptoms of Change

♥ Feelings of not being present
♥ Feelings of exhaustion
♥ Requirement for lots of rest
♥ Mental confusion
♥ Aches and pains with nonspecific causes
♥ Feelings of going crazy
♥ Hormonal changes – especially women
♥ Unexplainable crying
♥ Early menopause
♥ Flu-like symptoms that do not respond to antibiotics
♥ Migraine headaches
♥ Runny nose
♥ Dizziness
♥ Ringing in the ears
♥ Heart palpations
♥ Intense muscle spasms
♥ Tingling in the extremities
♥ Immune system changes
♥ Bouts of depression for no reason
♥ Tension or anxiety for no reason

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