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    Habibi is an Arabic word that means “my love”, “my dear,” “my darling,” or “beloved.”

    I am delighted you are guided to connect with me for the next MILLENNIUM JOURNEY OF SELF — MYSTERY SCHOOL — EGYPT.

    This event is in HIGH demand due to the activations and healing process and Past Life journeys aligned with my Secret Codes to Success® Book and JEAN-I-O-US® program and MYSTERY SCHOOL Program.

    First, we need details from you so we can support you by:

    1. Adding you to my special Facebook Group for all details, teachings and more
    2. Notifying you of upcoming Masterclasses so you can learn about the journey, activations and healing processes.
    3. Schedule your Discovery Chat with me via zoom so that we can chat about where to take the process.

    Once you have attended these, your next step will be to apply to the next Mystery School Egypt event and pay your (non-refundable) deposit to secure booking. This can be done at the time of your Discovery Chat.

    Each event happens according to Sacred Geometry, Ancient Laws of Attraction, Planetary Retrogrades, Moon cycles and the energy of the year according to the Millennium Grid® and Millennium Calendar®.

    Let’s connect as I really want you to be in my Mystery School Community.

    Fill in the form below and my magical ME TEAM will connect soon.

    This is a journey to the new millennium and paradigm.

  • Absolute love and gratitude,

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