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Modern Medicine Woman Retreat 7 – 11 October​ 2023

7 October 2023 - 11 October 2023

Modern Medicine Woman

Course: Modern Medicine Woman Retreat
Dates: 7 – 11 October 2023
Venue: Stradbroke Island, Brisbane

Modern Medicine Woman Retreat is a journey of remembering.


Remember yourself as the woman you are and the divine Goddess you are.

Why should you reconnect and activate your divine goddess energy?

When you do, you reconnect with your worth, your inner value, your vision, your purpose, your passions, your ability to manifest. When you are connected and aligned with your divine inner Goddess energy, you become MAGNETIC! You aren’t forcing good things to happen to you. You are connected to your inner knowing of when to move and when to not, when to work and when to rest, when to take action and when to lean back and attract it in. The Divine Goddess energy within you in a powerful vortex of connection to the Universe and to all your wildest dreams. The good news, there is no need to seek this energy outside of yourself. It is a process of tapping into that inner energy field.

This retreat is for those that are ready to connect and embrace their soul’s purpose. It is about releasing old pains, hurt, loss and separation from yourself.

It is about stepping into the Queen and Goddess energy. One of the most loving and healing energy in the Universe comes from the Divine Female or Goddess energy. The expansive vibration of the Goddess is available to you and within you right now. To truly let this healing vibration, transform your life, you must awaken to your memory. To the memory of the Power Circle where you CLAIM who you are and know is true.

Yes, you will be accessing the ancient wisdom of the Mystery Schools where woman would reveal their ‘secrets’ and be cleansed and initiated with special water ceremony. It is about aligning to the sea, lakes, ocean, and all water creatures to align with the Goddess that you are.

Goddess energy healing is a spiritual practice that aims to help individuals connect with their inner goddess and tap into their divine feminine energy. This type of healing can help individuals find balance, inner peace, and a sense of empowerment.

Through ancient Shamanic rituals and healing techniques, you will open doors as you “travel through your own personal vision quest”.

This retreat you will:

  • Connect to your true being.
  • Be total open to receive
  • Surrounding yourself with beauty
  • Nourish your dreams
  • Slow down and relish
  • Love your body
  • Live from your heart
  • Honour your boundaries
  • Connect with divine energy
  • Infuse your life with ritual
  • Connect with your sisterhood
  • Connect with other Queens
  • Connect with your tribe
  • Connect with your Goddess family

During this time, you will be offered:

– Snake medicine

– Animal medicine

– Plant medicine

– Vision quest

– Water ceremony

You will also make your own wand, and this will be activated so you claim your wisdom. (Understanding of wands and how they work is included)

This retreat includes:

– 4 nights’ accommodation by the beach

– All delicious vegan meals

– Water ceremony walking ancient ancestral pathway

– Visiting the healing waters of the Blue Lake

– Closing ceremony on arrival

– Opening ceremony on leaving

– Cleansing swim at the beach

– Some surprises (if you know me, they will be divine)

We will call in the magic and healing of the dolphins, whales, and kangaroos which is connected to Atlantis, Lemuria, and Mystery Schools.

This is open to only (7) women. (Teenage girls from the age of 16+ may attend)

Listen to your heart – are you ready to embrace your Queen and Goddess energy? Then book in.

Address given on booking including ferry details, how to book the car ferry.

Upon Booking and paying you will receive an email with all details of what to bring, address of venue and details.

PS. It is my birthday at this time so there will be a special birthday ceremony. I am honoured you shall be with me at this time.


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