I am super excited you have said YES to know more about my BITE ME book extension and fasting.

When I wrote my BITE ME book I did it as I was passionate about people BANISHING DISEASE of the mind, body, spirit.

I know what it is like to feel unwell in the mind, body, heart, and soul.

Using food you can empower yourself.

And attending the BITE ME Online Program you can feel amazing and be conscious of what you are creating.


Now back to FASTING.

So many people ask me about it and yes I have done it and did enjoy it.

There is so much about this and I wanted to share what I know.

Please know this is not medical advice or treatment and you do need to seek medical assistance advice and help if you have health conditions.

What I share here is my insights and you can take charge of your health from there.

Yes it includes my Medical intuition wisdom too

Are you ready?

Know your birthright is to be happy and healthy and that YOUR HEALTH IS YOUR WEALTH.