Healing for you with Metatron’s Cube

Healing for you with Metatron’s Cube

Heart to Heart


It is April and I was guided to offer you healing and insights with this ancient Sacred Geometry shape, the Metatron’s Cube.

This intricate pattern has captivated the minds of ancient civilizations and modern seekers alike. This mystical symbol represents the interconnectedness of all creation. Its role is a gateway to higher consciousness and the secrets it holds within its mesmerizing patterns. Can you feel the energy?

Metatron’s Cube is a complex geometric pattern comprising 13 circles connected by straight lines, forming an elegant three-dimensional shape.  Metatron’s Cube is rich in symbolism including:

  1. Metatron’s Cube highlights the interconnectedness of all life, representing the intricate web of energy that unites us with the universe.
  2. The Metatron’s Cube as a conduit for tapping into universal energy and connecting with the higher realms of consciousness. Meditating on this symbol facilitates spiritual growth and open channels of divine wisdom.

Below are healing grids I make for my Medical Intuitive clients using Sacred Geometry to help them align with their purpose, healing pain and shine their brilliance. I share these with you also so that you may receive healing too.

Allow yourself an opportunity to use this Sacred Geometry shape in the following ways:

  1. Meditation with this shape for relaxation and alignment with the universal energies.
  2. Receive energy healing to harmonize your chakras
  3. Allow yourself to go within with this sacred shape and allow your true answers to emerge.

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Egypt 29th Sept – 15th Oct 2024

Mexico 11th – 20th April 2025

Absolute Love

Jean Sheehan is a 6-time Amazon Best Selling Author an award winning and internationally recognised Medical Intuitive known as the ‘Walking Talking MRI’ who travels the world teaching The Secret Codes to Success®.


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