Hormones in Children

Hormones in Children


“Ever since my daughter turned 9 years old, she has been rebellious, fighting with me and more moody.
She has to be getting her period soon. ”
“My son is turning 11 next month but I have noticed this specific change him – has to be testosterone.
He blames everything on the outside world and can not see what he is creating. “
“My son is nearly 14 years old – he is so angry at me. He is fine with his Father but me and female teachers, furious.
This is more than hormones in children!”
Hormones in Children mother and child
Working with children for over a decade, especially awakened psychic children, I hear these comments and more. It is always at specific ages that I hear the same reactions, outcomes and parental discomfort and parent/child dis-harmony. Working with Scared Geometry and the genesis of souls connected to the GOD consciousness, there is a sacred Universal Law and key to the life cycles and connection to ABSOLUTE LOVE. At specific ages CHILDREN disconnect and there are specific reactions and experiences that occur. This is part of the next evolutionary step and level of ascension to the new Millennium. These psychic & awakened children require to be understood so that they can integrate in to the physical world with grace and ease. Whilst they do this, adults are trying to connect to the place they are, utilising more of super subconscious brain (known also as Higher Self). Over 15 years of case studies have proved the following results with clients validating the information by being able to assist the child with becoming integrated to the physical and metaphysical state of being.
Scared geometry is the BLUEPRINT (plan) of CREATION (formation) and the genesis (all things new, beginning, a coming in to Being, new generation) of ALL form. It is an ancient science that explores and explains the energy patterns that create and unify ALL things. It reveals the precise way that energy of CREATION organises itself.
Albert Einstein understood this when he said,  
“A human being is a part of a whole, called by us universe, a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings as something separated from the rest… a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us. Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty.”
Relating this back to the new generation of children that we have, they are born with the pure blueprint of all of CREATION and the UNIVERSAL MIND, ABSOLUTE LOVE and ONENESS. They know the key to GOD, peace and harmony. They only work from their heart space. It is through life on Earth, parents and schooling that they learn to be separate in all ways of life. This is not meant to blame anyone, as this is the consciousness of the human race at present. The Mayan calendar describes these changes and it is the new generation that will help to bring it in.
Hormones in Children – So what happens with the children?
At specific ages, children disconnect from the ABSOLUTE / GOD / UNIVERSAL MIND. These ages are cyclic and continual and can be reversed when people become more conscious and choose to make the changes. Utilising the sacred law of ‘As above, so below. From with, to with out’, children will experience earth life with all the physical senses. At the disconnections to LOVE, it can be emotionally very painful as the heart space and heart chakra shut down. Hence when parents, teachers, carers and childcare workers have an understanding, the approach to holistic care, especially emotional care can be more graceful. The following is a brief overview. This is taught and experienced in the Awakened Children Courses in depth.
The first disconnection is at 7 days old. This when we are first likely to experience cot death, medical problems, and is contractual choice between the parents and child soul whether it will stay in earth and experience life. The first cut off occurs in the GALACTIC HEART CHAKRA. This is found 4 metres behind the heart chakra. It is the primary chakra for activating and opening the heart to the ABSOLUTE presence within. The other place that there is a disconnection at this time is the ATOMIC / ETHERIC CHAKRA DOORWAY. This is located on the hairline above the forehead, where in Atlantis, one’s Unicorn horn was and where our original cell is. This chakra aids the re-patterning of DNA, stores the original blueprint and original cell of creation. It appears as a gold/silver thread.
The next cut off from the ABSOLUTE is at 8 weeks/2 months old. Around this time babies will tend to pull at their ears. At these areas we have two more chakras. Above the left ear is the multi-universal point of consciousness chakra. It appears as a brilliant golden yellow light. It is for the activation of one’s multi-universal consciousness. Above the right ear is a pastel rainbow chakra called GOD PRESENCE, which activates the God consciousness.
The first major cut off is at 3 years old. This is when EGO or FEAR comes in and children will see the world like they have never seen it before. It links with the solar plexus area and the colour yellow. It is a time of how much can the child stay in JOY whilst FEAR steps in. Many of the children and adults I have worked in sessions talk about being ‘sexually abused’ at this age. There are two sorts of sexual abuse as one is the physical form whilst the other is KUNDALINI energy. This energy is a supernatural psychic energy to the ABSOLUTE. 
At age 5 years, separation matters and issues appear especially from the Mother. We notice that children commence school around this time and so there is a definite separation issue occurring on the outside world. Simultaneously there is a separation happening on the innate which is from the ABSOLUTE LOVE or Source. The number 5 in Scared Geometry refers to seeing with love and freedom – the duality of what the child will go through as they feel more restricted with school.
The age of 7 years is many concepts that can be quite soul changing for a child. Until we are the age of 7 years we are androgynous – we are both male/female. The child has no identity problems and has no idea about duality. This is the time a lot of children and adults talk about their ‘imaginary friend’ leaving/disappearing or in the huge transformations, their friend dying! At seven, this is the most spiritual number of completion and is written about such as the 7 colours of the rainbow, 7 main chakras and more. This number is of integration and complete. Whilst the internal separation occurs with the duality world being experienced and the ‘imaginary friend’ disappearing, quite often the child will have a physical friend actually leave as well, such as a friend at school that moves class, house or schools. This also relates to the ‘7 year marital itch’ that has been talked about too. The marriage is to ourselves meaning no dualities and total integration. This relates to a separation of integration and awareness of duality.
Seen as anger in boys and moodiness in girls, 9 years is a time of completion in sacred geometry. Up until this age, children have the most physical learning lessons such as eating, sleeping, walking, crawling and more. This particular age group will experience disharmony in group situations as they are moving in to the next phase of two digit numbers. In history, by the age of 9 years, you were working and not considered little any more. Boys can experience a lot of anger whilst girls get moody and manipulative. This is a result due to more attention to EGO and FEAR. With the duality concept being an everyday life experience.  Children will be more conscious of their bodies, partnerships, things like boy / girl germs, and specific small groups will form rather than general friends. The moods of the children alter and that relates to the pancreas and solar plexus chakra as they are experimenting more with Earth foods such as sugar. Sugar dis-empowers metaphysically but empowers the body physically for a quick burst. Coming up to the age 10, is a radical shift in consciousness and that will trigger some children also as they are leaving childhood and entering the world of to digits.
Legs eleven – the age 11 years. This world is of MASTERY. To be a MASTER actually means live the life that you want and quite often for children they are living the life they want especially at this age, they are now getting more homework and possibly more responsibility at home such as domestic jobs. The outside world mirrors what they are feeling and believing however by this age, there is less responsibility for their reactions as they disconnect from ABSOLUTE LOVE. The thymus gland and 8th chakras are now smaller and therefore the emotional maturity is actually less than when they were younger. Parents and teachers will blame hormones which it is but not on the physical level. The hormones on a metaphysical level relate to GOD connection. They are nearly completely disconnected on this level. Girls can appear more moody and boys more aggressive. That is due to the unawakened emotions such as jealousy, manipulation, anger, control and more. The more disconnected the children become the more they feel EGO and FEAR, including FEAR BASED EMOTIONS.
The lucky last and most spiritual number is 13 years. By this age children are expected to be ‘grown up’ and according to some religions such Judaism and many in tribal communities, children are initiated in to their manhood or womanhood. The number thirteen is completion of a cycle and story. When we add these numbers together, they equal 4 which is about practical and yet being in your heart. If you have a look at children at this age, they will swing in their moods from being emotional to very practical. Most parents and teachers will express the this is the age they have to most problems with children behaviour.  The hormones at this stage are completely different and that relates to the metaphysical situation of being  totally disconnected for GOD and the ABSOLUTE. Churches in the past classed the number 13 unlucky as this is the time of most changes and ceasing of cycles. Before the Christian church evolved the number 13 was considered as a very lucky number.  The Churches were able to see the POWER behind this number and wanted to disguise it.

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