January 2018 Heart Speak Newsletter

Heart Speak Newsletter

Happy New Year for 2018.

Thank you to all who have asked where the December 2017 newsletter was … it got so crazy at the Millennium Education office and my work that I had to prioritise what I could do. Having written 2 books in a week there was lots of editing, and then I was a key Note Speaker on a cruise to Vanuatu and Noumea and lastly it was Xmas day. My mind and body just wanted to sleep and that is what I did.

To start 2018 I want to share my photo and universal whispers I received and was guided to send it to you. My dog, Zac and I were walking around a lake at sunrise and the energy was incredible. Above is my actual photo. The golden rays of the Golden age, where dreams become a reality and was so powerful. There is a small orb to the right hand side of the boat.. just divine.

Grab a cuppa and allow yourself the gift of receiving these love words …..

“As the sun rises this morning I am given a message to share to you all for 2018. The energies for 2018 bring much freedom. This freedom is of the mind knowing that all is possible. The mind connection is that to the absolute, UM or universal one mind. It is knowing everything is a reflection of absolute love. Nothing is separate from ourselves.

You may have a feeling of entrapment, feeling stuck or blocked but these are temporary as you access your own innate wisdom. You will be guided all the way to reach your hearts desires. Listen to the gentle whispers of the universe which is there to help you.

With this freedom comes an opportunity for you to know and master responsibility. Not the burdens but knowing you can respond and are able! True freedom comes from knowing, accessing and integrating this concept. With this you are encouraged not to hold back on your dreams.

The greatest gift you will receive is peace. This is where among turmoil you will remain calm knowing you can be, do, have your hearts desires and bring about the results you want with grace and ease. It’s having full faith in yourself and your abilities. For faith is certain of what you hope for and sure of what you do not see.

Just like in this image, it is about zero one point and knowing that there is no black and white only there is in between as well which is the integration of the feminine. Can you see the sun image.. there are 3 sun images not 2.

Each and every day and every moment is the opportunity for new beginnings. It is the dawn of something massive within which is remembering you are love and acting on that fact.

Make sure to set your goals, write down your dreams, and play the game of the absolute… continue to set boundaries of 2017 and allow yourself to shine your brilliance as you were born to do.”

To help you set your goals and dream big, please accept my gift of the Jean Sheehan personal planner. I had this created for you, so you could access the absolute love. I have also used this planner and love the energy.

The other gift is a list of moon cycles. When I plan my courses, events, speaking, cruise talks, writing books, etc I do so according to the moon cycles and retrogrades. This is what shamans did and the High Priestess of Atlantis.

With life being so busy for everyone, I have decided not to make my newsletters long as people don’t have time to read them. I am guided to give your insights and universal messages through heart speak email whispers like this one to empower and support you.

As you know, anytime you want to email me, contact or share please do. Let me know what else you want. My Staff will let me know.

Below is a list of all the new courses. Links will be on the website. www.millenniumeducation.com Be sure to book in as these are quite spectacular.

By the way I am not officially back at work until 10th January but wanted to send this to you now as the message was so beautiful.

It is time to shine your brilliance as you were born to do.

Jean Sheehan Medical Intuitive

Up & Coming Courses

To assist your diary and planning, here is what is coming up. Bookings can be made on the website or email us info@MillenniumEducation.com

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