Kundalini Awakening Symptoms

These symptoms are not meant as a diagnosis but may indicate an awareness of kundalini rising. They include:

♥ Feeling of energy travelling along the spine
♥ Tremors
♥ Spontaneous or involuntary body movements
♥ Deep peace
♥ Respiratory changes
♥ Altered states of consciousness
♥ Changes in body temperature (feeling cold or hot)
♥ Feeling electricity in the body
♥ Persistent sexual arousal
♥ Headache
♥ Pressure inside the head
♥ Tingling
♥ Gastrointestinal problems
♥ Cognitive disorder
♥ Psychological upheaval (feeling insane)
♥ Stress
♥ Depression
♥ De-realisation (illusions)
♥ Intense mood swings
♥ Moments of bliss

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