Millennium Modality
“The human body is a blueprint for your most dominant thoughts. It is a print out of the internal vibration. Our bodies hold on to our experiences, thoughts and belief systems. The body is a reflection of our truth and shows our unconscious secrets. You are the author of your life. Your biography becomes your biology in your body.”

© by Jean Sheehan
Principal & Director Millennium Education Pty Ltd

Millennium Modality Medical Intuition (MMMI) – Module I is the basis and foundation for all the MMMI modules. You have the opportunity to access your own ancient wisdom and integrate history of healing with today’s modern quantum physics. The key to this module is to understand what each body part communicates and the emotional link.  Within each body, disease, disharmony or pain are indicators that the body is not in alignment with the absolute. By finding the ‘story’ of what has occurred the practitioner and or participant can discover the lesson behind the problem and use metaphysical healing to align it to absolute consciousness using ancient wisdom and new age sciences to integrate healing to a level of optimum health.  The knowledge and wisdom taught and experienced includes alchemy used by the ancient Egyptians and Atlantis. The new age sciences such as the holographic principle are integrated to bring healing and transformations like never seen before. You will have a new perception of reality and new door ways will be opened as you experience Sacred Geometry Crystal Gridding meditations utilizing the 10 point Merkaba.

Medical Intuitive – Module I Curriculum includes:

  • History of energetic healing
  • What does it mean to heal
  • What is Medicine
  • What is Medical Intuitive
  • What is the body saying
  • The Einstein Model – holographic principal
  • Modern Day Alchemy
  • Art of Alchemy
  • Awareness of the body anatomy and what it is saying
  • Healing crisis – what is it
  • Distant healing
  • Introduction to Sacred Geometry – the mathematical code to connection and heart
  • Linkages of emotions to disease
  • Sectioning the body to interpret disharmony and disease
  • Working with the Pleidian Star
  • Practical hands on experience
  • Introduction to crystals and healing
  • Practical session using the 10 point Merkaba crystal gridding
  • Experience ancient remedies and essences
  • Introduction in to dimensions
  • Understanding and using ancient symbols (Caduses, Cross and Ankh)
  • Let go of limiting beliefs
  • Open new doors of opportunity
  • Introduction to Kundalini
  • Experience extraordinary and transformational meditation
  • Extensive and comprehensive workbook given to each participant to take home as a reference

Whats is the Milllennium Modality – Medical Intuitive
Medical Intuition is THE ART OF HEALING TO MAKE ABSOLUTE (whole), so that life is complete, harmonious and of an ABUNDANT conscious CREATION. It is the integration of all aspects of life, the understanding of creation and everything is one with NO separation. It is the combining of all dualities to equalize everything and dissolve the deception of disconnection so that there is one reality – absolute love and empowerment. MMMI is working from an integrated mind, body, spirited that is consciously aware of creation and ultimate health on levels and the natural and easy steps to designing the destiny you want and making it happen. It is accessing your own pure potential knowing anything is possible and you are a conscious co-creator of your life. It is living a life in absolute love and empowerment.

Medical & Intuition
Medicine is an ancient word derived from ancient Latin meaning, the art of healing. It is an area of knowledge in re-storing and maintaining health to create a ONENESS to produce all consciousness in to a WHOLE state as it was originally created, rather than separated as it currently is. This health is applied to all living beings on earth and universe. The INTUITIVE relates to accessing the conscious, super subconscious brain and universal mind to a dimensional level of ABSOLUTE, knowing everything is the I AM presence. The intuition is your own personal insight or absolute sight to all of creation and truth. The intuition is a bridge connecting the conscious and subconscious brains to function as a ONENESS to produce life at an AWAKENED state and reality of completeness, health and harmony. It is the link to true ABUNDANCE, manifestation and connection to the UNIVERSAL MIND. The intuition is the spontaneous insight each us posses. When awakened the insight is only observation and non judgment and ‘seen’ in absolute love and empowerment.

All Medical Intuitive courses are experiential while giving the necessary ‘intellectual’ information required for a full understanding of the Millennium Modality course material. Participants experience energy sensations and heart awakenings unlike anything they have ever experienced. This includes ‘union with the universal mind’, ‘heightened awareness’ and ‘an altered perception of reality’. The concepts of reasoning, explaining, sabotage and judgment are superfluous to the new way of thinking and being to each life experience.

The Results and Outcome of MMMI
This metaphysical quantum leap in science and MMMI healing facilitates to realign patterns within the physical and metaphysical bodies. New doorways open in our lives and a fresh perception of reality is experienced. It allows insights in to situations that have been difficult to change, by accessing the original causes. The result is being able to move easily and effortlessly through any limits and restrictions to find freedom and ABUNDANCE on all levels. The outcome is connecting to the sacredness and value of ALL THAT IS and having the life you were born to live. It is knowing you design your own destiny and create anything and everything in your life. You are given the opportunity to:
  • Reconnect to souls’ purpose – left with a sense of direction and purpose in your lives
  • Permanent feelings of LOVE OF SELF and acceptance of self
  • Fresh perspective & expanded awareness
  • Eliminate the suffering from your the separate mind  to connect with the Universal Mind
  • Return & remain in your heart – let go of EGO
  • Experience deeper knowingness
  • Know everything is created in love – you are a soul having a human experience
  • Ability to live in the NOW
  • Frequent episodes of appreciation
  • Contented feelings of connectedness with others, nature and ALL THAT IS
  • Loss of interest in judgment, control, worry, fear, anger, depression

As medical costs continue to rise, and people become more aware of the risks associated with main stream medicine, they are seeking alternative ways of addressing their health concerns. This puts Medical Intuitive Practitioners and Teachers in demand. Commence a new career today in the leading edge of alternative health and healing. The Millennium Education School can help you develop specialized skills you need to work as a professional MMMI Practitioner. Medical Intuitive Practitioner is the most rewarding and exciting career choices available today. It is for anyone who is:

  • Interested in exploring alternative health
  • Live your life purpose
  • Discover more of yourself and design your destiny
  • Live life in absolute love and empowerment and share it with others
  • Healing the disease process
  • Want to make a difference in the world
  • Guide people how to create a life of abundance and happiness
  • Will be a catalyst of change for themselves and others
  • Live life with meaning, contribution and connection
  • Have a successful & profitable Healing business
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