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Opening Doors

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Have you ever desired a set of guidelines for life that involved SELF esteem, SELF worth and SELF love? Have you wanted to be the full potential you know you can be?

The ancient writings from the BOOK OF ENOCH describe pathways and concepts for true LOVE OF SELF and self worth. This course entails ancient wisdom from Atlantis, Book of Enoch and the Course of Miracles for anyone wanting to know the Universal Laws to life and discover and reconnect with the authentic power – ABSOLUTE EMPOWERMENT ……. LOVE. You have the opportunity to connect back to your heart which then results in the opportunity to create miracles in your life. You are the designer of your destiny – the author of your world.

When we connect back to our heart and allow that to lead us in life, doors open to all possibilities and the world becomes whatever we create. This commences the journey of enlightenment by eliminating suffering and letting go of FEAR and E-GO. Opening Doors lights the flame within you to consciously create your own reality. It aids to break down barriers and limiting belief systems. You commence a journey of self discovery to peace and harmony. The doors open to abundance, success and your hearts desires.

  • Guidelines to finding GOD-ness within
  • Bill of rights for the integrated souls
  • Creating peace within
  • Discover the world of an integrated soul
  • A gift that nourishes the mind, body, spirit

Who would benefit:

  • Parents, Guardians, Carers Men and women
  • Teenagers
  • Anyone in the health profession
  • All allied health professionals
  • Energy and Intuitive workers
  • Anyone wanting to make a difference to the world and the future generation