Millennium Modality

I want to thank you from my heart and acknowledge you for taking the time to share this extraordinary possibility of Teacher Level – MODULE VII course and assisting all those that cohabit on earth and beyond to awakening to their true authentic self and potential – absolute love and absolute empowerment.

Imagine seeing a world that only focuses on love, which works from heart and knows that there is no separation? What if you were part of a higher vision and team to assist people of all walks of life to be empowered in a way that is ever lasting, heartfelt and so conscious of anything and everything? Would you like to be part of the Millennium Education (ME) Team and community to create a world of peace, health and harmony? In doing so you will inspire all future generations to be one community and they will have true confidence to create magic on all levels. In the process you will embark in a career that fills your heart and soul and creates abundance in your life including the financial possibilities but most importantly filling the hearts of all who cohabit earth at this time and the future. You are about to commence a journey of self discovery and personal growth to a new Millennium and dimension.  It is an innovation and learning of quantum physics, new age sciences, Universal Mind consciousness, transformations and connection to true ABUNDANCE. This process is aligning to a source that is ABSOLUTE. It is about integrating dualities to a ONENESS related to the ‘I AM’ presence. You will explore realities, let go of limiting beliefs, create a world of ABUNDANCE, tap in to the POTENTIALITY OF ALL THERE IS and self realize anything/everything is possible. As a MMMI Teacher you will lead people to their own empowerment and success on all levels from within. This extraordinary course can take you to new higher understandings and a life of peace and harmony.

The intention of Jean Sheehan and Millennium Education Pty Ltd and its courses are to re-connect those who are ready to the original source from which they were created – ABSOLUTE LOVE, using cutting edge sciences and techniques that can create miracles if you play 100%. It is about the understanding we can have health on all levels and connection to everything. You are the author of your life to design your destiny and create anything to be, do, have your hearts desires.

My personal intention is that you have a breakthrough on some level to feel empowered and discover your own reality of truth, life purpose and recall your ancient wisdom.

Absolute Love and gratitude

Jean Sheehan           
Principal and Director Millennium Education Pty Ltd & Absolute Empowerment


Millennium Education PTY LTD (ME) in conjunction with Absolute Empowerment (AE) is an organization for those ready for the next evolutionary step of awakening, self development and the connection with absolute empowerment. It is for those ready to awaken to true potentiality, possibility and ascension to create an absolute empowered life. This is a journey for those wanting a new beginning, new life and manifesting all their desires to design their destiny according to the ancient writings of the ancient Mystery Schools of Atlantis, Lemuria, Kamut (Egypt) and many more.

It incorporates Medical Intuition, ancient wisdom, new age sciences and quantum physics. It is about living the life you were born to live, being self responsible to design your own destiny by cleaning the slate and gaining a new perspective on life. You will receive an awareness to holistic health to achieve a sense of well being and harmony on all levels.

The Millennium Education organization is located on the beautiful Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia, and has a foundation based around the principles of absolute universal love and oneness. The philosophies are a combination of ancient teachings and new sciences combined to integrate all realities to one. ME provides education in various forms for those that are ready for the next evolutionary step of conscious co-creation and to design their own life as they want it. Many ancient and well respected literature states the future and a time of great achievements. (Resources include Book of Enoch, Course of Miracles, Atlantis, Lemuria, and ancient Egypt).  It is a time when great happiness prevails. It is about assisting those whom are ready to awaken to truth with grace and ease. Awaken to receive the miracles that occur everyday.

The ME organization currently offers courses in the Millennium Modality™ which include certified Medical Intuition, Opening Doors and Awakened & Psychic Children and Successful Healing Business. The Millennium Modality™ (MM) is uniquely different and more successful than anything created today as it brings about ancient wisdom and philosophy from cultures been and yet to come. All those who have attended the Millennium Modality™ courses have experienced enormous changes in their lives, resulting in the highest levels of joy, abundance and feeling totally alive and fulfilled in every way.

ME and AE has shared these amazing transformation teachings within Australia and overseas, Thailand, Bali, Kuala Lumper, India and France. The vision for ME and Jean Sheehan, Director and Principal of ME, is have to have Millennium Modality – Medical Intuitive (MMMI) Practitioners and Teachers globally to assist the world to move to the next level of awareness, live a life of health and happiness and know who they truly are and what they are capable of. When each person has a sense of their authentic self, purpose and creation, one can live a life of abundance on all levels. Life is lived with truth, absolute love and empowerment.


Millennium Education was the childhood vision, dream and purpose of the Director and Principal, Jean Sheehan.  Ever since she can remember Jean had a passion to create a resource for all to be able to remember who they are and their gifts and talents. In her heart she has remained connected to the absolute and creation of everything. Her insights to life, future occurrences and knowing of absolute empowerment have been a gift to her all her life. As a child, Jean was ‘requested’ to share the ‘keys to absolute love and empowerment’ as an adult and that she would know when it was divine time. Having a continued memory of ancient times such as Atlantis, Lemuria, Pleiades, Ancient Egypt (Kumat) and more, Jean could understand how to tap in to any life time, dimension and reality. She has always understood creation and it the truth as written in the Bible, Koran, Book of Enoch, Course of Miracles and more. This extraordinary gift went beyond the realm of psychic and the 3rd dimension understanding of the of senses.

Jean’s vision is to have a world within our universes that has one heartbeat and one mind … absolute love and empowerment. It is about a world remembering they are perfect on all levels and abundant in anything and can create anything as they are not separate from anything.  The Millennium Education Pty Ltd organization is an extension of the very successful Absolute Empowerment Business formally known as Jean Sheehan. The name transitioned in alignment with the changes occurring on the planet Earth and the next evolutionary process. With the huge changes occurring on earth there was a knowing that this work needs to reach a vast array of people from main stream to the metaphysical and integrate with the every day lives of all humanity at this time. Jean continues to share from the heart and understands personally what it is to live a life of illusion and disconnection. Her passion is to assist all including adults, children, animals and more to be the best that they can be. She is an expert in her field of Medical Intuition integrating her Nursing background with the metaphysical to give outstanding results and success to those she meets. With this extraordinary gift Jean is in demand from Health professionals and the community. Jean shares about the human body as a blueprint of the internal vibration. Jean educates, coaches and mentors Schools, Childcare centres and Corporations to conscious living. She is inspirational and captivates her audience. Her techniques are dynamic and transformational. Having presented to audiences including Real Estate, Accountants, Schools, Child Care Centres and health professionals, Jean tailors her seminars to the group to maximize the value for audience. As a business woman and entrepreneur, Jean has successfully built and owned two businesses. She is a recognized leader in her field of personal, spiritual growth and self development. She is a mentor and personal coach to thousands. Continually requested as a motivational speaker, Jean continually searches for ways to integrate the Metaphysical in to schools and corporations. In 2010, 2012, 2013 and 2014 Jean Sheehan was nominated for Telstra Womens Business Award, 2012 she was finalist in the SC Womens Business Awards, and 2013 winner of BOMA Womens in Business and featured in Profile and holistic Bliss magazines. She is regularly interviewed on radio and TV Jean inspires all she meets.


The name MILLENNIUM EDUACTION was chosen with full intention. It has been prophesized for many millions of years that the world will evolve with in a MILLENNIUM. Nostradamus, who was one of many, predicted a radical shift and change would occur in the world which would change as we know it. Hence the birth of Millennium Education.


A time when great achievements finally come to pass, great happiness prevails and a larger than human consciousness objective is reached. Seeing with the eye of GOD or absolute love.


To enlighten and educate and bring to conscious awareness, expanding what is known and breaking limitations to become in light/love at all times. To constantly bring light/love to all so that they may understand everything when it is illuminated. To educate is to inform and teach and learn lessons so as to ascend to the next level and to design and create a life of peace and joy.

Millennium Education Logo

One of the Universal Laws is the law of Gratitude. This specific law is something that is practiced and taught to all that work within the ME and AE Companies. The practice of gratitude is the knowing everything is a gift. It is how one perceives the ‘gift’ as truth. Gratitude is represented by the shape of an egg which is new life, new beginnings and an understanding of the Universal Matrix & Mind. The Millennium Education organisation emblem represents the new generation. It is part of the transformational change and rebirth or awakening to the integration of all things and new generation. The new generation incorporates the new children (Millennium Children® – MC) and those on earth at present. When having completed the MMMI courses you are aware and fully conscious that everything is a new beginning and that you break limiting thoughts, behaviours, and patterns. You know you will emerge with a totally new reality and with the freedom of everything being in absolute love. This freedom occurs in the mind, body and spirit. The five (5) segments of the ME egg represent heaven and earth and 5th dimension of the Golden Age Reality, where dreams become true. Five is the evolutionary process – Age of Aquarius. Dreams become a reality and souls are unlimited. Manifestation is instant. There is no ego involvement. Experiences are perpetual freedom and are with divine grace, beauty, creativity, wisdom, prosperity and abundance. This all relates to the next evolutionary step.


Millennium Modality® – Medical Intuition (MMMI) has been shared and taught over many life times and was the original teachings from the absolute knowledge. Ancient Sharman, teachers, High Priestesses, priests and those in power have shared the knowledge of the law of attraction, creation and oneness. This information has been repeatedly written about in many forms including hieroglyphics, crop circles, sounds of the whales and dolphins, cave paintings, books and now the IT world. This wisdom and knowledge was recorded at specific times including Atlantis, Lemuria, Egypt, Medieval, Mayan and more. Each time of the past the evolutionary process did not occur to full capacity. The concept, understanding and integration of pure potentiality and the illusion of separation from time and space ceasing were never actioned or applied. This knowledge was  separated, hidden and altered over time. However in the new millennium (1999 – 2999,) the knowledge of creation and absolute truth, have emerged with such a huge force and are ready to blossom and grow. This is seen in the existence of every day life with the breaking of old patterns, beliefs and many people questioning the ‘old’ ways.

MMMI is the integration of all life times, all learning’s and creation utilizing tools and techniques such as metaphysical healing, Quantum Physics and new age sciences. This modality has been created and structured for the modern and ever evolving times and to allow each individual to integrate their gifts, talents and education of other modalities and life so as all becomes one again. There is no limits only new awareness and solutions. It is knowing that there is only now and you create a new outcome. All life times, experiences and separation are a hologram and we are souls having a human experience in game of life’s lessons.

Some of the tools and techniques used in MMMI include:

  • Sacred geometry
  • Crystal grids
  • Crystals
  • Music
  • Toning
  • Crystal bowls
  • Metaphysical healing
  • Sound
  • Visualization
  • Theta work
  • Tapping
  • Physical activities
  • Mind, body, spirit connection
  • 8 point Merkaba
  • 10 point Merkaba
  • Platonic Solids
  • Crystal healing
  • Mind power and unity of one mind – Universal Mind
  • Consciousness
  • Medical Intuition
  • Potentiality

Millennium Modality®

Millennium Modality® – Medical Intuition (MMMI) has 4 main courses that are to be completed to receive full certification in Metaphysical Healing. There are no prerequisites for MMMI Module I, II. The pre requisites to complete Module III & IV, are you must have achieved certification in Modules I, II Medical Intuition and been approved by Jean Sheehan, Principal ME. The curriculum and philosophies of MMMI are based on the ancient wisdom of creation and evolution.

“Practice is the art of learning,
Mastery is the art of living the life wanted,
Gratitude is the art of loving”

What is Millennium Modality® – Medical Intuition

Medical Intuition is ‘The art of healing to make whole (Absolute) so that life is complete, harmonious and an abundant conscious creation. It is the integration of all aspects of life, the understanding of creation and everything is one with no illusions or separation. It is the combining of all dualities to equalize everything and dissolve the deception of disconnection so that there is one reality – absolute love and empowerment. MMMI is working from an integrated mind, body, spirit that is consciously aware of creation and ultimate health on levels and the natural and easy steps to designing the destiny you want and making it happen. It is accessing your own pure potential knowing anything is possible and you are a conscious co creator of your life. It is living a life in absolute love and empowerment.

Medicine is a word derived from ancient Latin meaning, the art of healing. It is an area of knowledge in re-storing and maintaining health to create a oneness and harmony to produce all consciousness in to a whole state as it was originally created. This healing is applied to all living beings on earth and universe. The intuitive relates to accessing the conscious, super subconscious brain and universal mind to a dimensional level of absolute, knowing everything is the ‘I AM’ presence. The intuition is your own personal insight to all of creation and truth. Intuition is a bridge connecting the conscious and subconscious brains to function as one whole brain to generate life at an awakened state of completeness, health and harmony. It is the link to true abundance, manifestation and connection to the omnipresence of universal mind. Intuition is the spontaneous insight and when accessed the insight is observation only with no judgment.

“The human body is a blueprint for your most dominant thoughts. It is a print out of the internal vibration. Our bodies hold on to our experiences, thoughts and belief systems. The body is a reflection of our truth and shows our unconscious secrets. You are the author of your life. Your biography becomes your biology in your body.”

© Jean Sheehan 2003 – Principal & Director Millennium Education Pty Ltd

Each MMMI course is specifically designed to assist you in healing your self and making a connection to your authentic self. This allows you to access and discover your gifts, talents and ability, knowing anything is possible. At the same time it opens doors to new possibilities and the prospect to design your destiny to live an empowered life. These modules are designed so you will know what is occurring in your mind, body and spirit on all levels and have the ability to heal it with a holistic approach. The body is a physical manifestation of what is occurring on the inside and is a medium for expressing it’s disconnection from the absolute. The human body is a blueprint for your most dominant thoughts. It is a print out of the internal vibration. Our bodies hold on to our experiences, thoughts and belief systems. The body is a reflection of our truth and shows our unconscious secrets.

ME and AE MMMI Modules I – IV demonstrate and provide you with the skills to understand oneness and manifestation in its true form. When you know why you are creating your experiences, disease and disharmony you can transform the outcome to re-create something new and self empowering. You clean the slate of your life to rewrite your destiny. By accessing your own pure potentiality you create a world according your awareness and understanding.

All MMMI courses are experiential and include theory for a full understanding. You and participants experience energy sensations and heart awakenings unlike anything you and they have ever experienced. This includes ‘union with the universal mind’, ‘heightened awareness’ and ‘an altered perception of reality’. The concepts of reasoning, explaining, sabotage and judgment are superfluous to the new way of thinking. Having the experience is necessary so you have full awareness of what your clients and students will experience – this is compassion and Christ Consciousness.

MMMI courses are certified and accredited with specific associations. On completion of MMMI courses Modules (I – IV) you are eligible to commence MMMI Module VII Teacher Level Course, and have the opportunity to be registered on the ME Practitioner and Teacher directory.

Sacred GHeometry/ Crystal Gridding/ DNA/ Kundalini 

Sacred geometry and crystal gridding is vital to this modality to bring about all illusions of separateness and duality to the truth of the Universal Mind of oneness. The connection to the ABSOLUTE is the understanding we are our own creator that is connected to all and therefore can access full potential and all possibilities. It relates to the true authentic power – ABSOLUTE LOVE. This process works with and integrates DNA activation, dimensional ascensions to the new level of sciences and metaphysics and raises awareness to full consciousness utilizing Kundalini energy. Various techniques are used to bring about permanent transformations within to the CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS. This means that it is possible to do/have/be:

  • In full awareness of SELF
  • In full awareness of others, environment and all
  • Compassion for all things
  • Unconditional LOVE
  • Divine wisdom
  • Unity
  • Peace
  • Joy / happiness

The Results and Outcome of MMMI

This metaphysical quantum leap in science and MMMI healing facilitates to realign patterns within the physical and metaphysical bodies. New doorways open in our lives and a fresh perception of reality is experienced. It allows insights in to situations that have been difficult to change, by accessing the original causes. The result is being able to move easily and effortlessly through any limits and restrictions to find freedom and abundance on all levels. The outcome is connecting to the sacredness and value of ALL THAT IS and having the life you were born to live. You know you design your own destiny and create anything and everything in your life. You are given the opportunity to:

  • Reconnect to souls’ purpose – left with a sense of direction and purpose in your lives
  • Permanent feelings of LOVE OF SELF and acceptance of self
  • Fresh perspective & expanded awareness
  • Eliminate the suffering from your the separate mind to connect with the Universal Mind
  • Return & remain in your heart – let go of EGO
  • Experience deeper knowingness
  • Know everything is created in love – you are a soul having a human experience
  • Ability to live in the NOW
  • Frequent episodes of appreciation
  • Contented feelings of connectedness with others, nature and ALL THAT IS
  • Loss of interest in judgment, control, worry, fear, anger, depression

Medical Intuitive Modules

Each Module of the MMMI is specifically designed to awaken your own potentiality and possibilities to absolute love and empowerment in progressive stages. All aspects of health according to ancient wisdom and modern sciences are taught, experienced and integrated. Each level will access a deeper awareness and expand your intuition to a sense of alchemical truth and understanding of creation. Layers of the unconscious will dissolve for the opportunity to be fully conscious and self realize. You have the prospect of releasing self sabotage, and becoming in full love and acceptance of self. Doors will open on all levels. A new perspective will transform your life to create a new outcome.

The modules have been designed to be sequential. Each level takes you to a deeper and more profound understanding of health and awareness. It is advised to do the modules in order for a greater understanding and integration. There are no prerequisites for Modules I & II. However for Module III & IV, it is a requirement that Modules I & II be completed and certified. For those that are participating in Teacher Level and have not attended Modules I – IV MMMI, this is not included in your Teacher Level Course fee and therefore you must have attended this course first. You may do the course and follow through to teacher Level.

Medical Intuitive – Module I Curriculum includes:

  • History of energetic healing
  • What does it mean to heal
  • What does healing mean
  • What is Medicine
  • What is Medical Intuitive
  • What is the body saying
  • The Einstein Model – holographic principal
  • Modern Day Alchemy
  • Commencement of a new career
  • Art of Alchemy
  • Awareness of the body anatomy and what it is saying
  • Healing crisis – what is it
  • Distant healing
  • Introduction to Sacred Geometry – the mathematical code to connection and heart
  • Linkages of emotions to disease
  • Sectioning the body to interpret disharmony and disease
  • Practical hands on experience
  • Introduction to crystals and healing
  • Practical session using the 10 point Merkaba crystal gridding
  • Experience ancient remedies and essences
  • Introduction in to dimensions
  • Understanding and using ancient symbols (Caduses, Cross and Ankh)
  • Let go of limiting beliefs
  • Open new doors of opportunity
  • Introduction to Kundalini
  • Experience extraordinary and transformational meditation
  • Extensive and comprehensive workbook given to each participant to take home as a reference

Medical Intuitive – Module II Curriculum includes

  • Meaning of metaphysical
  • Understanding of quantum physics
  • The integration of two worlds, integration of dualities
  • The body is a mirror of it self
  • Using breath as a healing tool – heal the mind, body, spirit
  • Discover the new awakened chakras – colours, meaning and related to health
  • Linking the chakras and endocrine system as one unit
  • Understanding the body is a mirror image of itself and disease is a story talking to you
  • Discover minor chakras and other chakras related to disease in the body
  • The effects of the weather related to healing/disease
  • The effects of the seasons related to healing/disease
  • The effects of the elements related to disease/healing
  • Millennium Calendar® introduction
  • Working with and understand Kundalini energy
  • Sacred geometry crystal gridding of the body to connect the mind, body, spirit and open doorways
  • Extensive information about chakras linked to the body, illness and health
  • the endocrine system as God awareness
  • Let go of limiting beliefs around money including practical steps of attraction
  • Sacred geometry crystal gridding of the 10 point Merkaba
  • Practical hands on experience
  • Working with crystals to heal
  • Extensive and comprehensive workbook given to each participant to take home as a reference
  • Practical session using the 10 point Merkaba crystal gridding
  • Experience ancient remedies and essences
  • Let go of limiting beliefs
  • Open new doors of opportunity
  • Experience extraordinary and transformational meditation
  • The healing factor reciprocals within the body

Medical Intuitive – Module III Curriculum includes:

  • Extensive crystal gridding of the body for healing
  • Work with Kundalini – life force of self realization energy and connection to chakras
  • Practical experience of Psychic Surgery
  • Discover and experience the Millennium Grid® introduction
  • Understand and work with DNA how create to new ways of being
  • Explore various crystal grids
  • Discover the GOD spot with in the body
  • Fully understand the dimensional shifts occurring in this millennium and how to work with them
  • Link Kundalini with the new dimensional shifts
  • Explore and receive Kundalini signs and symptoms
  • Explore and receive ascension signs and symptoms
  • Be enlightened to and receive DNA signs and symptoms
  • Have a full understand on the next evolutionary process and the transformations
  • Learn about Ego and what it really is and how to work with it and let it go
  • Understand you are a magnet and how to create more of what you want
  • Body shapes – reveal the hidden secrets in what the subconscious is saying
  • Practical hands on experience
  • Practical session using the 10 point Merkaba crystal gridding
  • Experience ancient remedies and essences
  • Comprehensive understanding of the dimensions
  • Let go of limiting beliefs
  • Open new doors of opportunity
  • Experience extraordinary and transformational meditation
  • Guidelines for the next evolutionary step
  • Understand and experience true enlightenment
  • Have an understanding of sacred geometry
  • Extensive and comprehensive workbook given to each participant to take home as a reference

Medical Intuitive – Module IV Curriculum includes: 

  • Extensive crystal gridding of the body for healing
  • The understanding of the MerKaBa – 8 point and 10 point
  • Experience of the Merkaba gird through meditation
  • Understand matter & holograms
  • The use and understanding of platonic solids as used in ancient times and now
  • Using platonic solids on the body for healing and awakening
  • The link to absolute love and Kabala and the Tree of Life
  • Telepathic communication including practical experience
  • Teleporting
  • Specifically working on the lymphatic system and guilt
  • Awakened lessons of healing related to guilt and disease
  • Comprehensive list and awareness of an integrated lifestyle of empowerment
  • Feedback on your own performance in life, creation and what you are creating
  • What is an ascension
  • Ascension related to the 12 strands and the 12 doors to consciousness before enlightenment
  • Opening the 13th door of ascension to the absolute and enlightened creation
  • The understanding of the quantum leap of reality
  • Toning through voice and other equipment
  • Toning to activate and heal DNA
  • Extensive glossary of terms
  • Final step of awakening process
  • Forgiveness technique
  • Practical and experiential forgiveness technique
  • Understanding the EGO mind and the UM Universal mind
  • Practical hands on experience
  • Extensive crystal gridding
  • Extensive sacred geometry crystal gridding meditations
  • Extensive and comprehensive workbook given to each participant to take home as a reference

Millennium Modality® – Medical Intuitive Teacher Level

Commence a new career today in the leading edge of alternative health and healing. The Millennium Education Institute offers education and support so you can develop specialized skills you need to work as a professional MMMI Teacher

Medical Intuitive Teacher is the most rewarding and exciting career choice available today. It is for anyone who is:

  • Interested in exploring alternative health
  • Live your life purpose
  • Discover more of yourself and design your destiny
  • Live life in absolute love and empowerment and share it with others
  • Healing the disease process
  • Want to make a difference in the world
  • uide people how to create a life of abundance and happiness
  • Knowing you will be a catalyst of change for your self and others
  • Live life with meaning, contribution and connection
  • Have a successful & profitable Healing business

As medical costs continue to rise, and people become more aware of the risks associated with main stream medicine, they are seeking alternative ways of addressing their health concerns. This puts Medical Intuitive Practitioners and Teachers in demand.

Teacher level is for people who know in the heart they are teachers and have a desire to assist others to seeing their full potential, healing on all levels of their lives and have known they are leader to gently awaken others to their own magnificence. There are also those that partake in this course for their own journey and especially to reach their higher self and divine will. Overall this Module is about self discovery and a journey to another level of awareness that is permanent and continual and fulfils your soul’s purpose. It can open doorways to your self through self development like you have never understood before.

The curriculum is self study based which includes assignments and webinars and contact with Millennium Education and a Facebook support group especially for Teachers. All information and resources are offered for your own personal growth. Ultimately it is your personal responsibility to achieve the level of results you want. At the completion of specified practical hours, completion and delivery of all assignments, attendance of scheduled sessions, you will receive the rights to use all the master copies of the MMMI workbooks and logos to make your teaching events successful. It is necessary all assignments are completed and handed in by the due date. Failure to do may result in delay of your graduation.

Upon completion and graduation of Teacher Level course you will receive specific benefits for FREE as part of their investment:

  • You have a ‘ready made business’ that has been established for over 15 years and has an audience with in Australia and internationally
  • ME offers you the advantage to advertise your events and courses during ME events such as Expos, Heartspeak eNewsletter and website
  • ME encourages you to advertise your MMMI courses in the monthly Heartspeak eNewsletter which has an extensive data base both within Australia and internationally

ME website presence. Includes:

  1. write up of each Teacher
  2. photo of teacher
  3. link to your own website (if applicable)
  4. your MMMI courses will be shared on the ME event calendar
  5. your achievements and levels certified in MMMI
  6. your details are shared with Jean Sheehan’s extensive data base
  7. you will reach thousands of people all over the world who subscribe to Heartspeak
  • you have an established market to draw from
  • all the necessary documents such as workbook and certificates have been created for you – you will receive copies of workbook PDF, logo PDF, on completion of your course
  • ability to establish your own data base quickly
  • support from the dedicated ME team
  • ME offers strength from a well respected and established business
  • potential customers & participants feel confident knowing the ME Company and its professional service
  • to help you grow you are given opportunities to further education with ME
  • your business is created due to the ME reputation and service
  • informed of what is required for the documentation legally in your business
  • access to MMMI Teacher Facebook group for support
  • monthly information only accessible to MMMI Teacher graduates
  • Access to join IICT Association to assist with building your reputation and insurance
  • Access to ME Facebook for your events related to MMMI courses
  • Extra income by selling your own products at your workshops
  • Only a limited number is authorized to participate in Teacher level
  • The joy of teaching and sharing knowledge to gently assist those awakening
  • You will receive both personal and professional fulfilment, growth and rewards as you teach
  • The fulfilment as you open door ways for others is so rewarding
  • Assisting the community to evolve to an understanding of absolute love and empowerment
  • You will have access to specific ME products at a reduced price of 20% off retail to assist your workshops run smoothly and effectively (Detailed list given at enrolment)
  • You are able to attend any MMMI Module I, II, III course for free whilst you are still teaching MMMI courses or up to 2 years after completing the MMMI teacher Level. 
  • Access to the Medical Intuitive Facebook Group to share and connect with like minded souls, grow your network and build relationships and support
  • It is ME intention to make your journey easy and successful. Jean has learnt and discovered easy ways of business management. On completion of all assignments, assessments, specified practical hours, full payment and approved certification by Jean Sheehan, Principal Millennium Education Pty Ltd, you will receive a list of recommended: 
    • Graphic designers for business
    • Website designer
    • IT services
    • Marketing services
    • Packaging wholesalers
    • Crystal wholesalers
    • Printing resources
    • Email newsletters resourc

On completion of your teacher level, which is finishing and handing both a physical and electronic version of all your assignments and attending webinars, you will receive:

  • workbook PDF
  • list of preferred suppliers

As a teacher of MMMI you are a part of a dynamic Team and bigger picture of humanity creating a world of absolute love and empowerment. This is a universal awareness and a global shift in consciousness. It has been occurring for many thousands of years and yet you are the blessed one in this time to assist and guide all of humanity, animals, plants and all those on planet earth at this time to remember themselves, create a new beginning (genesis) and be the author of their lives.

As a Leader and guide for your clients and students, you are the one that shall inspire them to be the best that they can be and reach their potential and know anything possible. You will open door ways and opportunities that guide them to design their destiny in all areas of their life and come to the self realization that they are already perfect just in different stages of knowing. Imagine offering your family, friends and clients the opportunity to evolve and create their own world of abundance on every level of life. In that process you give them the opportunity to clean their slate of all the old and manifest their hearts desires to freedom.

By accepting this role as a MMMI Teacher you agree to contribute to so many people’s lives to empower them with truth, absolute love and no veils of illusion. The reward you will receive is watching the magnificent transformations occur for your participants. This is a gift that is priceless. Imagine seeing humanity evolve in to a society that works from absolute love instead of fear. This is totally precious. Overall as a leader and Teacher of MMMI your life has the prospect to transform on a richness like words can not describe and no money can buy.

*(NOTE – Pre requisite for Teacher level is the completion and certification of Modules I, II, III, IV MMMI. This can be obtained during the Teacher Level but paid separately from Teacher Level Module VII)

Through out the journey your education is self paced and self resourced. The main objective is to draw on your own potentiality, wisdom, experience and knowledge. This is about your recognising your own brilliance and be the example of what is possible to lead others to see their potential.

Your education and package includes:

  1. Repeat attendance to Modules I, II, III MMMI Practitioner level (If you have not attended these Modules prior to this date, they are paid for separately from Teacher Level.)
  2. Monthly education from the comfort of your home or holidays with easy and user friendly webinars. These can be accessed on smart phones, computers and ipads/tablets
  3. Monthly assignments which will be assessed and further tutoring if required shall be given. Results are sent for your further learning
  4. Opportunity to promote and advertise yourself at specific expos and events with Jean Sheehan and ME for a minimal fee. At this time you will receive valuable information and education on sharing your talents and gifts and profiling for free from Jean Sheehan’s wealth of knowledge.
  5. Further your education, skills and knowledge with assisting at any MMMI MOD I – III course where you were learn techniques in event set up, coordination and intentions of how to create a successful event.
  6. Receive monthly business tactics and professional business skills.
  7. Learn various forms of media for creating a successful business and making your business attractive to potential global clients
  8. Discover networking skills with ME events which open doorways to support and access to a great foundation for your business
  9. Learning how to promote yourself and the power behind your bio which will displayed on the ME website
  10. Your profile will be shared to the extensive data base of Jean Sheehan and ME through the Heartspeak newsletter


The key to the next evolutionary state of consciousness is called ZERO ONE POINT. In the grand scheme of creation and life, there is the knowledge that at one point in time we are and will all be thinking the same thing, living one life in absolute love and that there is one GOD or wisdom and that is absolute empowerment. This zero one point is the understanding we are all a mirror image and what ever we are feeling, experiencing and thinking so is everyone else. There is no separation and all is within. If we see, experience or think it of others it is within. Nothing is separate. This zero one point is also knowing we can clean the slate to ‘cancel and erase’ to create a new as we are conscious co creators.

This ancient wisdom of oneness is from the dawn of time and was taught in Atlantis and Lemuria. Now it is taught as quantum physics and modern day sciences. Certain people like Einstein shared this wisdom. Imagine actually living it now. And as you live the awakened life, others will mirror you and awaken to their pure potentiality just like you. You become an emissary of light or what today is called a Golden One. You shine a light that others are drawn to and are able to feel the presence of absolute love and empowerment.

When recognizing zero one point you it is impossible define what is you and where the energy of you and others begin. The illusion of time and space separation is void. There is no fear based emotions or duality. When experiencing the absolute love you are in a state of WHOLE LOVE and COMPLETE love. It is the lack of COMPLETE WHOLE LOVE that is makes society blind. Loving your self goes beyond loving the body/mind/spirit. It can only exist in the understanding that the SELF is boundless and non-separate. The 5th dimension teachings state there is no separation and duality. In the zero one point you are so conscious of the game of illusion and can evolve yourself from the 3rd dimension pain, separate mind and disease to be and live in harmony of everything. You become aware of the ‘attractiveness’ of duality with it’s good/bad, high/low. When you feel the good, your world is harmonious and the vibration you create is ABSOLUTE. When you feel the bad, created by EGO, which is programmed by the separate mind, it will destroy the personality. When you allow divinity back in to our life by listening to your heart, not your head, you recall the ‘good’ is not happiness either. It too hurts in more subtle ways. The concept that we create our world is acceptable if everything is going our way. However if the world has a traumatic experience such as a relationship upheaval, the death of someone, we say it is outside of ourselves. It is always us. When you give meaning to your suffering, you then tell yourself it is acceptable. How many of you will say “If I am meant to be on that course, the money will turn up.” When in actual fact, you create your own world by what you think and believe. Pain and fear are meaningless as they are illusions. In understanding this zero one point there becomes no blame at all. The sense of responsibility is pure and understood that you are all of creation. There is nothing outside of our selves.  This zero point commences with self and then radiates out naturally with out force and without aggressiveness. It flows as naturally as the sound of gentle music, a child’s laughter and absolute love. This is the pathway to self mastery.

Some people would have you believe that the earth is on the brink of destruction and that you are on the world of extinction, but nothing could be further form the truth. You create reality with your thoughts and heart. Your true power is one without comparison and your influence on reality is grand. All you require is the motivation to act. The power of personal action is something to be celebrated. The veils of illusion that are required to be lifted according to alchemical ways relate to the understanding of the 10 point Merkaba and the 13 points of consciousness. These are taught in MMMI Teacher Level.

On your self discovery journey you will come to self realise and understand you can clean the slate of all life times to create what you want and be the author of your book – your story. This MMMI Module VII is about knowing you will have constant ‘freedom’ from the separate mind to connect to the Universal Mind (UM) and lift the veils of illusion. The one point is to remain in your heart at all times as we once were created and now return to be zero one point. This Module VII is the next evolutionary step to bring all modalities, belief systems and Gods as one to understand there is only (1). It is the self realisation there is no illusions and only absolute love.

Once in the heart, absolute love radiates, melting the illusions of separate time & space and opens for full integration. The circle represents one consciousness, one heart beat. And that heart beat ripples outwards to affect and infect all being.


The benefits to you of completing your MMMI Module VII Teacher certificate and graduating are numerous. Apart from being a life changing experience in itself, here is a summary of the major benefits you will enjoy. Of course there are heaps of others as the list will infinitely expand as you put your own intuitive/creative gifts in to action.

  • MMMI Module 10 -12 months spent awakening your consciousness to new heights with an abundance of like minded people
  • An established market to draw from in marketing your MMMI workshops
  • Website presence (photo and bio) to support you promoting your work
  • All the hard work has been done for you as you receive updated workbooks as they occur, right to use Master copies of Modules I – III workbooks and logos
  • Use of the MMMI workbooks for teaching – everything you need to know in comprehensive workbook allowing you to have clear, precise and enjoyable experiences

Establishing other income streams such as crystals and essence sales at workshops and sessions, and selling your own products to your growing data base

Only limited number of people will be authorised to study MMMI VII

  • Being able to contribute to the individual journey of many souls at this amazing time on earth, and assisting people to see their own potential
  • Being able to experience the joy of teaching and your own personal rewards and soul growth that flows with teaching

When you commit to participating in MMMI Module VII Teacher, you are investing in your self, the future of evolution and as a life time Team Member of ME. For a relatively small investment, you are supported with an established and proven database to commence your new journey and career and assist all those awakening.


What you receive for your investment Benefits
Free attendance to MMMI Modules I, II, III commencing MOD VII 2018 $1,650+
Free lifetime attendance MMMI Modules I, II, III courses facilitated by Jean Priceless
Webinars (minimum 10 x 1 hour) $3,000
Further individual tuition from assignment assessments $4,500+
Wisdom gained from theory, assignments and practical Priceless
Rights to ME emblem (graphics), updated workbooks, Facebook images
Life time support from ME in promoting your workshops on ME Priceless
Marketing your MMMI teaching to an established database/market Priceless
A ready made business bringing returns through course registrations Priceless
A solid platform to achieve numerous other revenue streams Priceless
Essentials of running successful course avoiding costly mistakes Priceless
Rights to print MMMI workbooks from Master PDF Priceless
Establish your own data base and co promotional work with ME Priceless
On-going support from ME throughout MMMI MOD VII 2018
Website presence – photo, bio, course schedule (annual value) $2,000+
Advertising your events with ME event schedule (annual value) $3,000+
Estimated benefit to you for your (minimal) investment $23,000+
Your Investment $9,900AUD


Millennium Education Logo

“Practice is the art of learning,
Mastery is the art of living the life wanted,
Gratitude is the art of loving”

As stated on the Millennium Education website PRACTICE IS THE ART OF LEARNING. The only way to truly understand and integrate information is to practice until it becomes a subconscious pattern and occurs automatically. This definitely applies to the wisdom and knowledge you will learn from the transformational MMMI courses. By actioning and applying the intellectual process it will be integrated within the mind, body spirit. The MMMI curriculum includes theory and practical which can be included towards your practical hours of Module VII. You will be sent a Practical Diary to record your hours which must be sent to ME and evaluated before receiving your certification and registration with ME as a qualified Teacher. The total hours required to pass is minimum 110 hours. Your hours of practical can be acquired only whilst doing the teacher level:

1 Attend Module I –  MMMI (Practical and theory) 16 hours
2 Attend Module II –  MMMI (Practical and theory) 16 hours
3 Attend Module III –  MMMI (Practical and theory) 16 hours
4 Attend Module IV –  MMMI (Practical and theory) 16 hours
5 Attend all webinars 10 hours
6 Client Sessions – hands on healing  (minimum 1 hour each) 36 hours
7 Booked sessions with Jean Sheehan are accepted as hours of Practical if relevant to this program. You are required to record these with topic addressed. *PRN – Pro re nata, Latin word meaning as necessary PRN *


The hours you accumulate during your assignments is not counted towards your certification. This is a self study time and will differ for each individual. Approximately each week you will be required to allocate 8 hours a week towards your studies and this will be very manageable once you create system for yourself. These hours include the every day regime required for this course and may reduce once you are in a rhythm. Part of this includes meditation and journaling, Teacher Level FB, etc. Your schedule and paperwork are sent to you on commencement of your course.