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Today we are surrounded by children whom seem to be much more aware and explain things that are NOT of a child like quality. Their behaviour can be irrational and reactive. They utilize their right brain and super subconscious brain and work with the full intensity of emotions. Misunderstood by outdated thinking and teachings, these children are labelled with ‘behaviour’, ‘learning’ problems and can often be diagnosed as a disorder. Discover the four personalities, their gifts, learning styles, possible health problems, body shapes and more. This information is necessary for relationships, child care, raising children, employing staff and more. You will discover more about yourself and others which will give you tools to design your destiny. 

Jean Sheehan – Profile

Jean has a captivating and insightful understanding of child and adolescent behaviour. She has worked as an educator, mentor and coach for twenty years. With her background in Nursing, she now coaches people on how to let their “light shine” through inner and outer health, happiness and harmonious relationships. Jean has discovered a uniquely different way of understanding children’s personality types and offers parenting and teaching styles which complement these. Jean’s methods allow students to maximize their full potential and gifts through an integrative health approach that includes food, exercise, emotions, brain functioning and learning styles. This is a fun event with a difference. 

Venue: Aminya Natural Therapies
922 David Low Way, Marcoola QLD – View Map
Upstairs above the bakery and opposite Marino Resort
Date: Tuesday 22nd August 2017
Time: 6:45pm to 8:30pm
Cost: AU$15.00 – Cash only on the evening.
Contact: Kathryn Stewart
0417 619 147

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