Money Is Energy

Money Is Energy

We hold the key to true abundance

In a world that is affluent and abundant of material possessions, why is that the human consciousness is of poverty and scarcity? Why are there so many ‘get rich quick schemes’?  Is it a case of all hard work or the power of the mind and perception?

Many times I have clients ask how I am able to manifest clients, money, possessions and abundance of everything. I had not always been that way or I was not conscious that I was creating that. I truly did not understand that I had the key to true abundance. I lived a life where I was ‘asleep’ and unconscious to my own thoughts and actions. I relied and expected others to help me or even provide for me as that is what was stated in all the spiritual books I had read. The Law of Attraction was giving me everything I had within but I did not realise. I did not understand the true meaning of the Cross. It was not until my spiritual awakening after my terminal cancer that I suddenly understood. I had forgotten the universal law of :

As Above, So Below,
From Within, To Without


All of a sudden key messages were flooding in. To this day I still use these messages and affirmations and they have led me to where I am today – rags to riches. Mostly the richness is my heart and then the outside world. My biggest learning after nearly loosing everything including my life, husband, house and self was THE SECRET TO LIVING A RICH LIFE IS GRATITUDE.

These are some of the key messages from the Absolute:

1.   I AM the cause
2.   Perception is reality
3.   Keep focus
4.   When I change my strategy I change
5.   My character is important for success
6.   Respect the value of money
7.   Buy low, buy value
8.   Love the process of business and making money
9.   To increase your wealth, increase your vocabulary to the language of investment.
10.  Model off someone else
11.  Do the same things get the same results
12.  What is my hearts desire
13.  Take a risk
13.  Faith in yourself




The most important keys were the last three. “What is my hearts desire”.

Desire is pure potentiality seeking manifestation
. And of course “Take a risk”. Quite often we allow doubt to overcome.

Doubt is the enemy of hope and joy
.  And something that I share every day with my clients, family, friends and of course self, is ‘Faith’.  Faith is being sure of what you hope for and certain of what you do not see.

Gold is the symbol of wealth.
The egg is the new beginnings, gratitude and genesis

We have concluded that every single thing in this UNIVERSE is composed of electronic LIGHT substance or energy. One is radiation, which means projecting forth or sending out. The other is MAGNETSISM, which means pulling back or drawing in. Familiar phrases used to describe these two activities as ‘giving & receiving’, ‘cause & effect’, ‘action & reaction’, ‘sowing & reaping’, ‘supply & demand’, and ‘breath in & breath out’. This is the LAW of the FIGURE 8.
The basic law of prosperity is IDENTICAL. What we radiate out through our thoughts, feelings, mental pictures, words and actions, we magnetise in to our lives and affairs. If we are sending out thoughts and feelings of lack, limitation, bogged down with memories of unpleasant, failure experiences and worry or concern over NOT being able to pay our bills or the fear that we wont have money to purchase our bodily needs, that mis-qualified energy, charged with the vibration of poverty, is what we will be drawing in to our lives and sustaining in our lives. It is up to us to dare to radiate outward through our thoughts, feelings and actions what we really want to experience in life rather than dwell on what we are afraid of and what we don’t want to experience.

Let’s stop here for a moment. What is the true meaning of prosperity? To prosper has nothing to do with money. It actually means to succeed and grow. Little do we realise we always prosper and we always succeed and grow. We are souls having a human experience and having learning lessons. We will always grow from these lessons and succeed eventually even when it is saying no to learn that lesson/s.


What is your focus about money?


These negative conditions or unloving experiences in our lives can change as quickly as we change our thinking about them. We have all heard the expression “Money begets money”. That is true as people who have money have developed true PROSPERITY consciousness. They accept prosperity, they feel prosperous, they send out thoughts of prosperity and they continually draw success and prosperity in to their lives. I know it easier to think, feel and act prosperous when we have money than when we don’t, but the important thing is that it is possible, and is something we choose to learn if we are going to attract prosperity in to our lives. The missing key here is “Can you still feel rich and abundant even when you don’t have money?” Can you perceive your richness in your heart? Can you see the wealth around you of the people who love you, the blue sky, the trees? When you can ‘see’ this, then you know you are rich.



Give money to get money


Every time we send money out, whether for groceries, pay bills, entertainment or whatever it is, bless it with GRATITUDE for the SERVICE it is providing to you. Let it go FREELY knowing that it is a source of energy and – like attracts like, all energy, will go out , expand and return to you for more service. If you choose to send your money out moaning and begrudgingly, fearing you won’t have enough, hating to spend it, it will automatically block the flow of the UNIVERSE from pouring in to your lives. You choose from LOVE or FEAR! An example I give of this on Millennium Modality – Module II (Medical Intuitive), when we learn about money is paying my telephone account. My telephone business account can be in the  hundreds of dollars. Instead of paying via the internet which is much quicker, I still withdraw cash, go to the Post Office where I can pay my account and lovingly and excitedly hand over the cash. The staff used think I was crazy. Now that I have been teaching them these concepts, they too get excited when I hand over the money and fully understand this concept. Three of them have stated it has worked for them and more money keeps pouring in for them. The more they are grateful the more money keeps coming in.

This does not mean spend and or charge things to credit card with money you do not have! Recognize money as a source of energy that is providing a service to you that you accept with GRATITUDE and APPRECIATE. After all….




Our thought forms are magnetic. Through persistence, confidence and acceptance, we can draw the universal supply of all ABUNDANT things in to your lives. Through the steps of creative visualisation, set your goal and begin developing true prosperity consciousness.

It is the feeling of success and ABUNDANCE that you are required to generate in order to create a magnetic force field to draw prosperity in to your life. Hold on to that feeling of buoyancy and joy, and feel that prosperity continually throughout the day.



What wealth have you got?

Know always that regardless of what is occurring at this moment in your life, the supply of the universe is limitless, and the ABUNDANCE is on its way to you. Remember ……
1.  There is no such thing as failure – there are only results.
2.  The secret to living a rich life is gratitude.
3.  How do I create value for others?
4.  If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.
5.  Abundance is your birth right.
6.  Dreams are the language of God.
It is how you PERVEIVE……
As to whether you are limited or limitless

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