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October 2017 Heart Speak Newsletter

Heart Speak Newsletter

Who would have thought 12 months ago, I turned 50 years old and wrote my first book! In that 12 months I have written my first book, had the Millennium Modality courses and Medical Intuition accredited, had the Millennium Modality accepted in 26 countries, and spoken at NSW University.

All of those achievements lead me to connect to my heart where I kept getting the words CELEBRATE. And Mother Earth and Father Sky kept calling out. I needed to connect to the feminine of the earth and celebrate her and you.

With the new energies of 2018 coming in and the planet speaking with earthquakes, retrogrades, volcano’s and more, I decided to do a sacred ceremony on top of an extinct volcano near where I live. It was time to celebrate and honour all of creation and consciousness.

A few clients and I left in a convoy to the mountain at 4:13am. This was according to sacred geometry numbers – (4) from heart and (13) the number of the genius. We met in the dark and walked a pathway with specific plants that offer healing. These Australian bush flowers are a journey of letting go and opening the crown chakra. At the top of the mountain we lay a crystal gird with 10 point merkabas, feathers, shells, crystals, water bottles and food. A sacred grid of celebration. I was guided to sing the language of light and play the crystal bowl. It was just so divine.

Sacred Grid

The messages that kept coming through was to celebrate and be conscious of creation. We all watched the dawn of the sun, the new beginnings and the love come through the Spring energy. The golden rays of healing vibrated through each and every cell. The warmth of the sun lifted our spirits.

With a 360 degree view, the ocean, river, national forest and the balance of the new moon and sun, there was a divine sense of no time, time zone shifts, other dimensions and so many guides. It was so special. The sunrise was clear that 2018 energies are here and it is all about new beginnings of freedom. Thank you to gorgeous clients whom joined me on this event.

We will be doing another event 3rd December at Castaways Beach. We welcome Summer according to Sacred Geometry and ancient Shamanic Rituals! I will be doing a sacred ceremony and celebration and would love you to join me. This particular date has been chosen as the full moon is the following day 4th December and this day commences a Mercury retrograde: (3/12/17 – 22/12/17).

We will be starting the sacred ceremony at 3:13am, sacred geometry numbers of 3 (illusions lifted) and 13 (number of the genius). This beach holds Atlantis and Lemurian energy and is location on which my Jean Sheehan book is based

There are dimensional shifts, times zones, vortexes at this divine place. Sunrise will be at 4:47am (Sacred Geometry numbers 4 – heart space, 7 – complete and whole) We will have a grid made by all of us so bring your shells, feathers, crystals, food or whatever you are drawn to bring. The investment cost is….. a gold coin and love. This is an investment in you and your future. The gold coin will be donated to the Noosa RSPCA Shelter. Invite others and share this event. So many need this divine ceremony to support them at this time.

Medical Intuitive Cards

They have arrived! Yes the Medical Intuitive cards are here early. It feels like it’s a birthday gift to both me and to you from the universe as they weren’t due to arrive until late November. For those that have already ordered we will be posting them out to you from 11th October. For those that haven’t ordered yet you can click here.

Medical Intuitive Cards

In the meantime, I have October affirmations and guidance to support you so read on. Make sure to check the courses dates below. Thank you for being you.

October Affirmation

October affirmation is something dear to my heart which is the body. You will truly only own one thing in your life time and that’s your body. What a fabulous concept is that! The body itself is a masterpiece that is made up of many systems that all work together. Think about it .. you were born with everything just working without instruction and without you having to do anything or know anything.

When I see inside the body I always think of it like an orchestra playing music where it is a tuned system made of many systems. When you recognise this, and thank your body for being this, life and health changes to be brilliant. So enjoy the October affirmation and remind yourself this month what divine honour it to have the body.

Medical Intuition

Did you know your body talks and has a specific language of the body? The body is a reflection of inner secrets. What is happening? Enjoy the healing process as you listen. Click here

Body Language

Millennium Children

As the warmer weather comes with the season of spring, our body requires more Vitamin E for its antioxidant properties and to help with brain and nerve function. Our body craves foods and nutrients that allow it to increase immunity, assist the digestive tract and help with the aging process.Enjoy these yummy foods.

Medical Intuition Vitamin E

Up & Coming Courses

To assist your diary and planning, here is what is coming up. Bookings can be made on the website or email us

1. Chakra Course Level 2 – 14th & 15th October 2017

2.   Medical Intuition Modules I – IV Sunshine Coast 19th – 26th November 2017 – 3 Places Left

3. Medical Intuitive Modules I – IV Melbourne 18th – 25th March 2018

4. Medical Intuitive Courses Modules I – IV Sunshine Coast 18th – 25th November 2018

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