Opening Doors Retreat September 2022

3rd – 7th September 2022

Aligned with The Secret Codes To Success® and the ancient wisdom of Atlantis, the Opening Doors retreat gives you ancient life skills to prosper in life and to be truly empowered on all levels.

Yes you are totally pampered and learn how to receive.

Yes all food and goodies and accommodation are included.

This is learning true LOVE OF SELF according to the universal laws of the 7th dimension where you are accessing your Higher Self not the 3rd dimension ego self.

This aligns with the law of attraction, universal laws and consciousness.

This is about opening your heart and opening doors that you shut due to hurt and pain. When you open these doors there is only love and only purpose.

Many of the Medical Intuitive Practitioners will further their education by learning more to support to their themselves and their clients.

The OPENING DOORS Retreat is the universal laws of absolute love.

It is time to shine your brilliance.

If you were wanting to join us at the next event