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Powerful Words for Empowering Children

Little do adults realise that powerful words for empowering children and the language we use every day can either empower or disempower children. With a few simple and easy words, a child can be left feeling fulfilled and inspired to create a life they love as an adult. The language a parent uses will also empower the parent as it will bring feelings of upliftment and positiveness. So what words will empower and how does this work?

The new generation of children, known as Millennium Children® are more sensitive, emotional and reactive today. They require ‘care’ and parenting that fits their sensitivities and personalities. Part of that care is language and words. By knowing how words and language can affect a child a parent we can choose powerful words for empowering children to assist a child’s  develop in mind, body and spirit that will leave them feeling empowered.

Take the everyday concept of money and wealth as an example of language that can be empowering or disempowering. How many times as child have you heard ‘They can’t afford it’? These words would not seem like they can do any damage, but they do. These simple words ‘can’t afford’ can leave children feeling like there is not enough, not trusting a process and teach a child not to look for wealth and abundance in all opportunities.

Sublimely children then can mimic their parents and never break a cycle of poverty, debt and ‘can’t afford’. A child’s mind does not understand why parent can buy cup a coffee but she cannot buy the latest iPhone for the 6year old who is asking for this. Logically in the child’s mind there is money and the parent can afford it as she bought the coffee!

Many children will state “Just go to the hole in the wall” or “Use the card”. They are referring to using an ATM or EFTPOS machine as this appears the norm for purchasing products and services. In actual fact it may be a rare occasion if a child witnesses seeing cash being paid.

Wealth Language which will empower both parents and children:

1. Life is an opportunity
2. Look at the abundance everywhere – see the trees with lots of leaves
3. Taxes that are paid pay for all the roads and schools
4. There is always enough
5. It is not about asking how, it is about knowing it always works out
6. A choice is made to buy food to eat rather than toys

By having a different language, it allows the child to access their creative right brain and see the wealth in all things. This sets them up for life. Words can limit the mind and perception, or they can open new doorways and opportunities. The parent can feel uplifted too which then encourages the child – it becomes a ripple affect of abundance and opportunity for the whole family. Children learn very quickly and will mimic the thoughts and behaviours and words whether they be positive or negative.

By using specific language and powerful words for empowering children they will empower them to be able work out their problems. Children become self responsible knowing they can achieve anything and at least have a try at life.

Words build self esteem as the words become a life skill tool that allows children to thrive in all works of life. Power words give a defined sense of identity, allow a child to learn goal setting and this in turn brings purpose for a child now and in to adulthood.

Power words assist parents as children will want to do their homework, clean their room, play lovingly and share their emotions. Power words bring unlimited awareness to children and gives freedom to know that anything is possible.

These powerful words for empowering children are simple and so effective:


When this language is used there is a feeling of choice, a feeling of anything is possible and innate knowing that all will be ok. This brings the mind in a place of potentiality. Children and especially teenagers love these words and when parents use these words there is a different tone, and magical outcome for all.

So lets understand these as examples…

  • ‘If you want to play on the trampoline, then put your shoes away’
  • ‘How would you like to clean your room’
  • ‘Yes you can have play time once you make your bed’
  • ‘Choose to eat your dinner first then you can play time’

Words that will feel limited, unenthusiastic and result in arguments, challenges and disempower:

  • should
  • have to
  • must
  • got to
  • ought to
  • must
  • need

These words leave a child feeling guilt, distrust, punishment and forcefulness. A child will not feel positive about themselves or even trying the new.

When parenting, many doubts will arise and it is important for parents to feel empowered to. Using the above words for themselves motivates and inspires the adult brain to want to do the menial and hard chores. When a parent uses these words for themselves, a child will watch and learn and mimic the parent. The result for both is living a life they love rather than full of ‘should’ or ‘can’t’ and limitations.

Lastly instead of saying no to a child or yourself, say ‘possibly’ or ‘maybe’ or ‘later’ or ‘not now’ and lastly ‘it will work out somehow’.

Write these words in your phone or put them on the fridge for all to see. Maybe a create an affirmation book. You might like to use liquid chalk on the windows and mirrors to that there are loving reminders everywhere for all family members.

Remember words and language have meaning, have power and leave long lasting effects/affects. Language will empower or disempower the parent or child. Uplifting language will not only empower others but also yourself.
Know that life is a gymnasium for your soul.

From my heart to yours, know life can be amazing.

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Powerful Words for Empowering Children

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