Sacred Geometry Through Art

Sacred Geometry Through Art


The word “Sacred” comes from the Latin sacrum, which referred to the gods or anything in their power, and to sacerdos, priest; sanctum, set apart. It was generally conceived spatially, as referring to the area around a temple. The word “Geometry” comes from two Greek words: “geos,” which means “earth,” and “metron,” which means “measure.” Geometry measures and describes the various shapes we find on Earth.

Sacred Geometry is the blueprint of all things throughout our universe. The geometric archetypes or patterns are the building blocks of any creation and relates to the ideas of perfectionism, the being of ONENESS, absolute or GOD. It is has been used as a metaphysical principal in religion, philosophy and spiritual beliefs in many cultures through out history to understand the laws and knowledge of the universe and the origins of one’s being.

For many years Sacred Geometry was significantly used in Churches, Temples and places of Worship where they were either built with Sacred Geometry Architecture principals or built on land considered Sacred due to the locations geography. The alter, art, sculptures and images were also made up of intricate Sacred Geometry patterns, designs and elaborate symbols to help understand the Universe. Many ancient cultures understood and studied these principals of Sacred Geometry as an art form to aid the realization of who we are and where we come from, connecting consciously and unconsciously with the connectedness to all, absolute or GOD. Common visual images of Sacred Geometry are the The Cross, Flower of Life (A), Star of David, Labyrinths, Ying Yang, Medicine wheels (B), and Mandalas though there are many more.

Plato believed that all things grew from forms, simple 3D geometry and unchangeable patterns that shape the backbone of reality. For a long time his ideas were considered mystical, but the physical importance of simple forms and numbers is now being confirmed by physicists and biologists who have discovered simple formulae, such as the structure of DNA (C) and the pattern of leaf growth (D) in plants.


(A) The Flower of Life is an ancient geometrical figure composed of multiple evenly spaced, overlapping circles. It has been found in the palace of an Assyrian King dating back to 645BC.


(B) Medicine Wheels are stone structures constructed by certain indigenous peoples for various astronomical, ritual, healing, and teaching purposes.


(C) The information in DNA is stored as a code. Human DNA consists of about 3 billion bases, and more than 99 percent of those bases are the same in all people. The order, or sequence, of these bases determines the information available for building and maintaining an organism, similar to the way in which letters of the alphabet appear in a certain order to form words and sentences.


(D) Geometry of Leaf Growth, there is a formula which determines the plant ‘growth spiral angle’ is sometimes referred to the Golden Angle.

As vibrational beings we respond to all images we see. As humans we have an inborn ability to think in terms of symbols and sight is one of our most psychologically and powerful sense. In today’s society we see thousands of images and symbols daily consciously and unconsciously from our natural and manmade environment. As our eyes dance over images we take in more information at times then we realize. A circle for example carries intrinsic meaning for us by virtue of what it actually is – that is, a line that has no beginning and no end. This line immediately suggests to us the idea of completion, of wholeness, of totality, perhaps of eternity. We have not learned this idea from other people it seems intrinsic to the circle itself. Our minds intuitively respond in this way. By being more aware of the images and colours we choose to see and share we are able to use Sacred Geometry Art as a transformational tool as it resonates with us on many vibrational levels. Some artist’s choose to specifically work with the principal of sacred geometry to help human beings consciously and unconsciously remember, heal and evolve.

Many artists throughout history have been inspired to use the principals of Sacred Geometry in their work, consciously and unconsciously. Endre Balogh (E), Bryan Deflores and myself, Marie Schlederer (F) are but a few.

‘Love, Justice, Truth, and Beauty are the four attributes that permit us to perceive the Divine within our world. If I am able, through my creativity, to transmit to others some aspect of those Divine attributes then I have successfully achieved my goal.’ says Endre Balogh. When your eyes feast across the image below you can feel it pulsating and dancing back and forth. On a deep level you can feel the artwork working within the DNA.


(E) ‘Sacred Geometry 50’ by Endre Balogh

(F) ‘Under My Skin’ by Marie Schlederer


Millennium Education wants to help us remember the true divine being of love from the absolute that we are. Sacred Geometry is used as a transformational tool connecting each soul back to the absolute. Sacred Geometry is taught on all Millennium Education courses from Module I – Module IV consciously and unconsciously, physically and metaphysically. Courses introduce Sacred Geometry to students with group meditations inside a grid. Medical Intuitive Module I there is ‘Introduction to Sacred Geometry’ where it states that it is the ‘foundation or building blocks of any creation; the blueprint’. It introduces the concept of physical archetypes and patterns. Through it’s teaching we see how it relates and is used in many other topics like ‘Modern Day Alchemy’, ‘Consciousness of the Body’ and ‘Pleidian Star’. MOD II the principals of Sacred Geometry are expanded to the metaphysical and how we use it to perceive information in LOVE or FEAR. In Medical Intuitive Module II it is taught as a transformational tool for many things. Students start to use the Merkaba as a healing tool in practical healing sessions on the course. Medical Intuitive Module III Sacred Geometry is linked to Diamond Consciousness or Christ Consciousness. Medical Intuitive Module III shares the history of Sacred Geometry used as an ascension tool to change DNA like in many lifetimes in Atlantis and Lemuria.

I choose to use my artwork to assist people to awaken. Through this I remind them that we are vibrational beings and that the patterns and colours that we see and choose are forever changing us. Sacred Geometry was chosen as my subject because I have always had a fascination of images and colour, even as a child and how I have always responded to them on some way. I chose to get into the Advertising and design industry as I could see from an early age how people are influenced by many different mediums and media. Now I have the understanding from both dualities I hope to use sacred geometry more in my artwork, teaching and awakening of the universe.

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