SKIN- do you fit in to yours

SKIN- do you fit in to yours?



Did you know your skin is the largest organ of the body? It is a fabulous invention of creation as it does so much for us. Metaphysically skin has a specific ‘job’ which includes:

  • Protection
  • Breathing life
  • Self acceptance
  • Self image
  • Guilt
  • Sensuality
  • Sensitivity

I wanted to share about a client that did a session about her skin. She had always experienced skin conditions like eczema, sorosis and general rashes. She also had asthma. Let’s share Cindy’s story (Name change for confidentiality)


Cindy was a very sensitive child and struggled with life. She was sensitive to harsh and abrasive surroundings, including chemicals, noises and electronic equipment. School for her was torment as she felt exposed as though every one could see her faults. She never felt like she fitted in her skin. She had no self acceptance and her self image was very negative. The image she saw of herself was unattractive, worthless, uneducated and useless. She did not accept any beautiful things about herself but she did accept the negative perceptions of herself. She felt guilty for everything. She denied her sensuality and sexuality. With these subconscious beliefs her skin was red, irritated, dry and in desperate need of life. Cindy’s skin was always flaky. Sometimes she would be so irritated at her own self image that she would scratch herself until she bled. Cindy needed to ‘see’ her real self – the beauty within and accept that she was a hologram of perfection according quantum physics.

In her dermis or true skin layer she was suffocating and this led to asthma. Cindy noticed that each time she loved something or someone she felt as though she was not good enough to have these. She created an allergy to things she desired. Her biggest love and passion was working with dogs and yet she was so allergic to them. She did not breathe in life of love and all the brilliance she was allowed to have and was her natural universal right to have. This all stemmed back to a memory of sensuality and her feeling the waves of life through her skin as a small child. She would try to explain the heartbeat of life to adults who told her it was bad and showed her the emotion of guilt.

Cindy commenced a journey of self discovery to ‘peel back’ the layers of self loathing. To look at Cindy now she has grown into her skin. As she said ‘I fit in my skin now’. Consider what you put on your skin. Be conscious of people with skin conditions – maybe they are showing their internal struggles.

Stop listening to them – you can do anything!

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