Michael from MOD I, II, & Private Session

Hi Jean.

First of all thank you so much, i could listen to you speak for days 🙂

I felt urged to write after the workshop on the weekend. Being around such love and amazing energy and beautiful women who are so in tune with everything was just an incredible experience. There were moments throughout the weekend where I was just in complete awe of the connection and synergy within the group. I though I would write and share with you what has transpired since you helped me through my breakthrough. After that night I slept for ages. I have been shown so much since then. I have meditated and taught yoga regularly, overcome my fear of the ocean and find myself very calm and at ease with life and so empowered. The most amazing thing is that I was shown that up until now I have lived my whole life from a space of fear. Even when I was at my happiest there was still an undercurrent of fear………I have literally been shown little film clips of times in my life where this was evident and it just blows my mind. Removing that fear or allowing it to be freed from my body was what I was experiencing and I still feel residual effects of it but the strength is less and less each time I don’t own most of my fears and they have no real basis in my life now….it is simply incredible. I am also so much more conscious of my body and what is happening and can literally feel the blood moving through my veins and an my heart chakra in particular is so open at the moment. I have also been shown alternate paths that my life could have taken in quite some detail and I am still a little lost for words to describe how this has changed my whole life perspective. I am so excited about what is to come and I’m really looking forward to seeing everyone for module three.

Having gridded my bed, there were times throughout the last two weeks when I felt like I was back in the womb… it was amazing….my dreams have been vivid, insightful and often there have been guides there sharing with me and things are falling ‘out of place’ just perfectly. Since completing module II I have noticed myself noticing so much more going on around me, and at times it is a little overwhelming. The amount of signage and advertising and “visual” noise we have thrust at us on a minute to minute basis through out our days is spray painting our subconscious and that of our unsuspecting children with gunk……..I also find that Millennium Education has opened my heart chakra so much that I experience the whole gamut of emotions that interplay invisibly yet so powerfully between us all, every minute of every day. At times this brings tears, laughter, bliss, sadness, grief and more often awe at the potentiality of human kind if we all came from a space of absolute love, which is what our children have before they are exposed to anything else. Thank you for the answers to so many questions that have eluded me for so long, and when you get your school up and running I would love to be involved any way that would be helpful.

Love and soooo much gratitude,
Barrista QLD

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