Modules I, II, III, Awakened Children. Opening Doors, Abseiling Day

In Jean’s work she talks about the ‘Mac truck affect and how people choose to experience their individual ‘Mac Truck’s’. Some experiences come in the form of relationship break downs, financial break downs, health and the like. These ‘break downs’ are critical to one’s transformation and ultimately a result in ‘BREAK THROUGHS’ as one moves from what/who they thought they were to who they really are and what is real – that being love.

The wonderful thing about doing Jean’s work is that it is all done with a loving intent and ever so gentle. Initially it breaks down who you thought you were. As one becomes empowered, they gauge their growth and understanding by how subtle the emotions become. One becomes more aware and in tune with their own personal truths, their knowingness expands and life is really loving and simple. One is able to feel their emotions without the associated drama; the emotional peaks disperse quickly to the point where you are absolutely empowered. You become more at peace within and you will see only love in the external world. You understand the Universal truth of ‘Oneness’. That is ‘I am you and you are me’, we are all one. It is transforming fear to love as Jean states on the courses. Love is really only what exists.

Absolute love,
Primary School Teacher, Queensland

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