• Millennium Education

    Team Members Instructions

    Thank you for volunteering to be part of the JEAN SHEEHAN and MILLENNIUM EDUCATION Team. It is truly wonderful having you on board.

    Your time, connection and support are greatly appreciated, and we sincerely hope you will enjoy this process. Having attended these courses you know what the intense energies can be like and what is required to create a sacred space. As you are aware many allow themselves to be in a ‘vulnerable state’ and that is a gift to them and us, so it is imperative that we offer all attendees and students safety, confidentially and support in the highest level of professionalism.

    As a ME TEAM Member and ME Staff we have specific requirements to assist all involved and we request that you follow these so that all may benefit. If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us before the event.

    This is also a time for you to repeat the courses from an extraordinary level and refresh your skills and awareness. You will have many moments where you will see how much you have evolved and how much you have blossomed. You are a luminary of light and love and are in this amazing time of creation. This is a blessing to us and so many.

    You have been selected as we always know you will conduct your self in a professional and respectful manner to all involved and especially to Jean Sheehan. We know you will work as a Team with no self agenda.

    Just a few reminders that are important:

    1. DO NOT talk when Jean Sheehan is teaching or speaking
    2. DO NOT talk over Jean Sheehan or add to what she is saying
    3. DO NOT sell yourself or your products at the ME or Jean Sheehan events
    4. DO NOT sit or lie on massage tables unless requested by Jean Sheehan
    5. As Jean Sheehan is working long hours and is tuning in to the participants requirements she requires a rest during break outs. Ensure at these times that she is not asked questions by staff, team members or participants.
    6. If ME Staff and ME Team Members are feeling the effects of the energy ensure to support yourself with the tools and techniques you have learnt on the ME courses. This is not the time to ask Jean Sheehan for advice, healing or insights. You have your innate wisdom to rely on you.
    7. If at any stage you need to leave before your allocated time consider the consequences it has to other ME staff, ME Team members, Jean Sheehan and the participants. Accepting this position is a commitment and will have a domino effect and affect on so many. So we request you remain for the whole time and not leave early.

    Jean Sheehan shares

    ‘Heart to Heart.

    Firstly, I want to say a heart felt thanks for being a ME Team Member.

    My heart is always inspired by amazing souls that have walked this planet past, present and future. I know that in the grand scheme life it is not an individual process but one of group harmony and team work.

    It was Walt Disney that confirmed this for me when he said ‘it takes a TEAM to make a DREAM’. I could not agree more. And that is how I see you as part of a team and that TEAM is of conscious co creator.

    I know on a quantum level divine wisdom is occurring and that we are all part of the evolutionary process offering our wisdom and being a community. My intention is that you enjoy this process and journey as a M.E. TEAM Member.

    Your role is very important on so many levels and having you allows me and Millennium Education to get the bigger vision of absolute love & empowerment to the world at this time for all kind, the future generation, animals, pants, elements, weather, seasons and consciousness.

    Thank you for gifting your time, wisdom expertise. You an emissary of light and I thank you for shining brightly for all to see.

    Enjoy this journey with me as a ME and Jean Sheehan Team Member.

    Absolute love and gratitude