The Adrenal Glands

The Adrenal Glands


Have you ever wished you had the self control and self motivation to complete a task, reach that goal or drive to win? You have it within you and it is so simple to access if you know where. It is a small endocrine that is not mentioned and has all the power to motivate and action anything. It is your … ADRENAL GLAND. This small gland is known for it’s fight/flight action but also for its determination and strength of mind and atonement.




Adrenals glands

The adrenal endocrine is a triangular shaped gland that cap each of the kidneys. They secrete a variety of hormones including those that regulate the body’s metabolism of fats, proteins, and carbohydrates. The adrenal gland stores vitamin C and also controls the balance of salt in our bodily fluids. The adrenal  glands also produce adrenaline, the hormone essential for our primitive ‘fight/flight’ response. This action links the adrenal gland to the root chakra and the association with the concept of physical survival. This gland is responsible for the libido drive in humans and rules the five senses understanding of life and 3rd dimension.





The adrenal gland has many interesting Metaphysical meanings including:

  • Relates to earth
  • Connects with the season of autumn
  • Over indulgence in love, sex, eating, drinking, anything
  • Drive
  • Motivation
  • Will power
  • Obsession





Ian was so motivated in life and his determination in getting things down was so admired by his co-workers. He really had a grasp on life and was very connected with earth and the ways earth worked. He was a greeny at heart but also loved the creature comforts of life. He tended to over indulge in food, which put on weight for him. He did not like it when the weather was hot and functioned better in the cooler months. Ian related to the AQUA personality after learning about it through the Millennium Children Seminar. In actual fact Ian admitted once he had something on his mind, he was determined to make it happen or he would get it.

Mind power

In had commenced in landscaping apprenticeship. He worked form the bottom up and was now the owner of three landscaping stores and many staff. His determination for money, security and drive to have materialistic possessions almost drove him to obsession. He would wake in the middle of the night thinking of new ideas to of how to market, how to create another centre and all for the outcome of another toy as called them – boat. Once Ian got something in his head his mind was obsessed and he was man on a mission to make it happen. He did not lie the word ‘no’ and believed anything and everything was possible.

He had never questioned life and the existence of other beings and definitely not anything psychic. That was until one day Ian lost his wife the breast cancer. His life changed and found he had no motivation and no self control. He commenced eating and drinking to num the pain. He was desperate for an sign that that his wife Janey was at peace as he missed her so much. One evening he was overcome with sorrow and depression. He had a bizarre tingling in his spine and a headache that was excruciating. Little did he know he was about to have a Kundalini experience. From the corner of his eye he saw Janey and there was an overwhelming sense of emotion. He felt his heart was going to break. His head then felt like it exploded. A sense of peace ad harmony filled his core being after an amazing electric shock through his spine. He had just experienced an ascension of the 4th and 5th dimension.
Self control

Ian came to place of self control. He stopped obsessing about Janey and his drive to obtain more materialistic items ceased. He became more aware of his surroundings, work colleagues and family. He was now connecting with people on a heart level and not if fight mode any more. He noticed his energy levels also plateaued and were not so exhausted. This opening of himself to another world gave him peace and safety. He knew earth was much more than the materialistic things. He read many books on the metaphysical and mind power. Today Ian allows himself the please or being rather than continual pressure and determination.

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