The Ovaries


The female reproductive organ, OVARIES, or gonads, produce hormones that are responsible for the development of secondary sexual characteristics, such as the depth of a voice and amount of body hair, etc. The ovaries control an individual’s sexual development and maturity as well as the production of eggs in a female. Our relationship with our own sexuality, and subject of emotional balance concerning that, is a key association of the 2nd chakra.




The female ovaries have many metaphysical functions and are mostly related to life and inner strength. Quite unique and significant especially when we think that this organ creates eggs to make another human being. The qualities of the OVARY are:
  • Reproduction
  • Sensuality/sexuality
  • Self preservation
  • Life acceptance
  • Drive
  • Strength



Self Preservation


So how does this relate to PCOS or Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome, woman who have problems getting pregnant or period cramps in the ovary area? All very similar theme and related to:
  1. drive
  2. strength
  3. self preservation
  4. life acceptance
Woman don’t realise there is an internal clock and innate wisdom that gives them the strength to continue creating, being in touch with the feminine and a strength to fight/flight. This drive and strength in internal based and allows a woman to multi task such as fighting a fire, do the ironing and bake a cake at the same time whilst being in touch with their intuition. However when woman force these above concepts in a more masculine way it breaks the connection to the feminine wisdom and gives more masculine outcome. The body then gets confused as to what the role is and will go into self preservation and external strength to SURVIVE.
Those that suffer from menstrual cramping are hurt by what appears to be they are forced in to being more masculine with life than feminine. Masculine is aggressive, push through and get on with life. Whereas the feminine ,meaning of the menstrual cycle is a connection to God an is the most sacred time of a woman’s cycle. This is a huge grieving process and is traditionally experienced as nurturing and a time to be solitude and reflect on life.
For women having problems getting pregnant and requiring assistance or any sort, it is the denial of their strength to carry out Motherhood, their drive may be more masculine based such as the ‘children are the next accessory’ and possibly they don’t see themselves accepting life as Mum, especially if they a career woman.

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