The Pineal Gland

The secret to youth and the seat of the soul lies all in one gland which is a small part of a major system of the body and can be accessed and utilised to create a world of fulfilment and feeling alive at all times. It is the PINEAL GLAND. This small gland is part of the endocrine system. In ancient and eastern philosophies the Endocrine System and Chakra systems have been over lapped to create a world of one. This was taught in Atlantis Mystery Schools as well as in the Medical Intuitive Courses of Millennium Education Metaphysical School.



Pineal Gland

The pineal gland is a connection to the crown chakra. It is a pea sized body that lies within the brain and was thought to serve no useful purpose. In the 7th century the pineal gland was considered to be the seat of the SOUL by French philosopher, Rene Descartes. Recent scientific research has linked this gland with the production of melatonin and regulates the internal ‘body clock’. Melatonin is also the subject of intense scientific interest for its possible anti-ageing properties and it is believed to affect the pituitary, thyroid, adrenals and gonads – although no one yet understands how or why. The pineal is the control centre for the effective functioning of our physical, emotional and mental selves.

The pineal gland influences:

♦  The body clock 
♦  Fear of death 
♦  Over attached to the materialistic world
♦  Lymphatic system

The metaphysical meanings of the Pineal gland are:


1.  Masculine energy
2.  Well Being
3.  Balance 
4.  Spirituality

We need to see each metaphysical meaning individually to have a better understanding.


Masculine energy


Masculine energy is doing things with control, aggression and logic. The left brain is utilised and things have to be seen to be believed. This energy is goal orientated and external driven to continually achieve. The logical brain is used at all times. The concept of self worth is external and not internal, compared to the Feminine energy of the Pituitary gland.




The well being of ourselves involves looking at all aspects of our world including physical, mental, financial and more. Systems are created using the left brain to create a world of wellness. The primordial basic function such as safety, security, shelter and food take priority in the well being. If there is too much emphasis on one side the pineal gland will indicate this by ‘ageing’ the person almost overnight. That is when you see people looking really tired and old. Then when they have a holiday and ‘balance out’, they come back in to life and look younger again.


The masculine energy of the pineal gland also includes balance. This is very important so that all things are equal – freedom/restriction, play/work, etc. This relates to the using of the left brain with its systems, reasons, logic and meaning.



The masculine energy is the opposite connection to spirituality as there is no logic in religion, theology or religious studies. However the Pineal gland is very connected to the ABSOLUTE and it is the pure connection to the Universe and omnipresent. When the pineal gland is not being utilised to the optimum, it creates a block in the crown chakra and a link to materialism. This relates to what has been said previously.



The pineal gland is affected by certain elements which can make it healthy or dis-eased. The pineal gland is linked with the element of wood. Many people whom are very connected with this ‘control’ gland, will be affected with wood. Conditions they may create when this gland is out of alignment:

1.  Gall bladder problems including pain, gall stones
2.  Difficulties planning or organising (liver)

3.  Holding on to resentment and not being able to forgive which leads to …..
4.  Lymphatic problems


If in alignment of the endocrine system will thrive on the functioning of their pineal gland. They will come alive in winter and be very productive.

In conclusion, the pineal gland is the ‘control’ gland and is used as the seat of the soul as it is the connection to  the crown chakra. Blocked chakras or connection to absolute love and empowerment can lead to lymphatic disorders such as lymphatic cancer. (Taught in Medical Intuitive Courses Modules I, II, III)

The Pineal Gland©- Article By: Jean Sheehan, Millennium Education & Absolute Empowerment
Noosa Heads, Sunshine Coast , Queensland, Australia

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