The Stillbite Crystal

The Stillbite Crystal
Stillbite Crystal

Stilbite is a highly creative stone, it has a gentle loving energy that reminds you that you are loved and cared for, regardless of the circumstances. By carrying this divine stone will help with any kind of metaphysical activity.  It helps with mental balance giving the ability to learn what is needed to learn.



Stilbite instantly balances and cleans the heart and crown chakra.  It helps you to discover your true dreams and desires of life.
 Heart Chakra



On the physical level Stilbite helps with liver, throat, brain, muscular/skeletal and dehydration.





The emotional state it can help you recognize anger or any mood swings.




Stillbite on the spiritual level helps you re remember some of the memories of your spiritual travels, no matter how deep they are.  It enhances your intuition. Stilbite will teach you to accept and how to let go, which in turn is helpful for manifestations.  While meditating and holding on to Stilbite, it can help you gentle to expand ones awareness and be in contact with the divine mind. Keeping a cluster of Stilbite in a room will provide wonderful delightful energy which will permeate the entire room.






Stilbite can be found USA, UK, Australia, South Africa, India, Iceland, Chile, and Brazil. It comes in a range of colours, white or yellowish colour. With pearly lustre on the cleavage surface and it is also called Desmine.  It occurs in bundles or tufts of crystals. 




Stilbite comes from the Greek language meaning “to shine”.  It is a unique stone that carries ancient energies and it helps you to tune in to your totem animal.  Stilbite is a powerful mineral.
Shine Your Light


After dropping the children at school I was meeting up with Uellan and another friend of hers Simone who, at the time, was doing a crystal course.  Every time Simone would start talking about their healing properties, there was something that kept catching my attention and I would just resonate with it.  It was a calling.  Peter, her teacher at the time, was having an activation meditation gathering to ground the energies of their home, as they have just moved to Beerwah Qld and everyone was welcome. So we went to Peters home. At the time, I was waiting for the doctor’s test result to come back to see if I was pregnant and how far advanced I was with my 5th child.  When I meet Peter it was an instant connection, I knew him but could not recall where from.  I enrolled to start the 2 years Crystal diploma course, and found out that, yes, I was pregnant with my 5th child.  I was devastated.  I had to do a lot of self healing to be able to accept this pregnancy, as my youngest child at the time was 7 years old.  I spoke to Peter and he said it was all right for me to start this journey.  I was 6 months pregnant by the time I started my Crystal Healing course.  He scheduled the course to end so that I would be free to have my baby. In March, I had Bradley and I used crystals for his birthing.  I was holding some crystals and kept others in the room with me at all times.  One of the crystals that I had to have near me when Bradley was birthed was Stilbite.  This crystal helped to assure me that he was going to be ok.  To bring him into the earth plane from high states of consciousness, Stilbite was doing the opposite to the metaphysical properties are described in crystal books.

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