Who Doesn’t Love Crystals

I don’t think you would find many people that aren’t attracted to crystals visually or by their vibration.   If you haven’t had the pleasure of feeling the vibrational talk of a crystal it is hard to not be taken back by the magnificence of these rocks, the formations of which they naturally grow and in so many wonderful colours, the size they can grow to.

Like the Crystal caves found under Mexico’s Chihuahuan Desert where large Selenite crystals have grown more than 10 meters long


Selenite crystals found far below Mexico’s Chihuahuan Desert. Because of how crystals are formed through the combination of earth’s natural gas’s and minerals it would only seem logical for crystals to have been around growing with the evolution of earth, so if you take this into consideration can you imagine what wonders are buried deep in the layers of the earth, just like the Selenite crystals found far below Mexico’s Chihuahuan Desert.

Crystals have been used all over the world for as long as records have been taking place, there is recorded mentioned of crystals in the bible, ancient tablets, books, and blogs. Throughout history Crystals have been used as communication tools, they have been adorned by people throughout history to show their status of high-ranking or wealth as well as used by warriors on their shields or breastplates to protect them and warn them of coming danger. Crystals are also commonly used in the past and present to communicate with a higher level of consciousness, bringing ancient knowledge and awareness to you when you when tuned into the vibrational frequency of certain crystals like the Selenite crystal for example which is the key to ascension and awakening to the truth of absolute love and empowerment as mentioned in article by Jean Sheehan.

By the larger community being educated on the powerful effects of crystals (healing, communication, knowledge from other realms and the past – we can learn to make our lives better and look after each other and planet earth, bringing us all back to our heart space through Mediation with Crystal and Crystal Gridding.

Crystal Gridding is a sacred technique which assists with opening new door ways through raising your vibration and changing your DNA.  When you have experienced the sacred crystal gridding you start to alter the perceptions in your life as doors of opportunity have opened up and you become connected with your unlimited potential.

Meditating with crystals can be as easy as sitting quietly with a crystal of your choice and clearing your mind, if you have trouble keeping your mind from focusing on the daily errands, or must do and must haves, or the he said she said.   You could start with a Black Tourmaline to bring to you a clear and calm vibration.   Remember there are no hard and fast rules talk to your crystals ask them what they want or ask of them what it may be you would like assistance with. And as Judy Hall say’s, If you haven’t got one crystal you can ask another one to act in it’s place. I meditated without any crystals if I don’t have any at hand and I call upon the energy of a crystal or crystals.  Surrounding myself with maybe towers of Selenite and I virtually grid myself like taught in Medical Intuitive Mod II and Mod III.


One of my favourites and Fantastic for our modern environment, as we are constantly bombarded with electromagnetic smog from our mobile phones and devices, TV’s, cordless phones, remote controls, phone towers, Black Tourmaline is a great electromagnetic smog repellent.

Who is slightly tempted to build their next house out of Black Tourmaline?

This Crystal also repels negative energy and helps strengthen the immune system, a great grounding stone to hold after meditation or gridding. An interesting point I came across is that it realigns the spinal Column. I use Black Tourmaline in most rooms of my house, my kids have one on there bedside table and I place a couple around me and in between myself and the Wi-Fi computer, If I have spent way too long surrounded by my Wi-Fi computer, mobile phones and iPad all at once I can get a pain in my head so I hold the Black Tourmaline to my head and I get instant relief. So, I meditated with this crystal and this is what came up for me…


A great crystal with a strong push forward to rapidly shift us from left to right brain helping us move to the more female energies of Creativity and unlimited love, pushing us forward to exploring our true potential. It puts out a vibration that confuses and disperses any negative unwanted negative energy and vibrations (electro magnetic smog, negative thoughts etc.) This is a very calming stone great for transition into teenager years. And yes I did feel something going on in my spine.

We use crystals to elevate us to a higher vibration, and help keep us grounded. Also help us tap into a deeper level of consciousness and understanding of why we do what we do and how to alter any state we are stagnant in or would like to move past,


Gridding like is taught in the Medical Intuitive courses is a great tool to awaken the population causing the ripple effect to spread love based love all around the world, making the love based love energy grow and ripen throughout the world reducing the fear based emotions of negative thoughts and actions so that we are left with a world wide consciousness of pure love and unlimited potentiality. Education on crystals, and how to communicate with them and look after them

I chose to write about crystals because I am passionate about the magic they bring to the world, because I have felt the powerful variational Talk of crystals, I have seen them change colour through meditation and am as my brother would say I have turned into a Crystalholic

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