10 Point Merkaba

Millennium Grid®

Copyright Jean Sheehan© 2013

In our modern world the 10 point Merkaba is required now for the next evolutionary process … from fear to absolute love. It is needed to get people out of their head in to their heart. It is moving to new dimensions and birth to a new world (Genesis). This is Sacred Geometry which is the pattern of all things, creation and evolution. The 10 point Merkaba is a field of light which affects the spirit, body and mind and allows access to other dimensions, fields and realities. Most of all it is a vehicle to potentiality to access more about yourself and connect with your higher self. You see your own patterns, including past lives, have a ‘lesson’ and understand it and learn by it and create a different outcome from love not pain. The outcome is SELF REALISATION!!!! This sacred shape integrates the feminine & masculine, integrates the separate and universal mind as one. Most of there is no duality or feeling separation or loneliness. It allows the mind, body, spirit to neutralise all experiences so there is no charge, no drama and to know everything is equal.

The integrated pyramid shapes are traditional wisdom used by alchemists to teach the universal laws of:

  • Truth – where you are, your now reality
  • Love – where you want to be, end result
  • Wisdom – quality you gain when you focus on both truth and love

When wearing the Millennium Grid® pendant or holding the 10 point Merkaba you will:

  • perceive the world differently
  • Create different personal outcomes
  • Discover other realms, dimensions and tap in to your own personal guides
  • Know we are creators of our world and create anything and everything
  • Access higher self and your potentiality knowing anything is possible

You can have your heart's desire