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Medical Intuition
Holistic Care

Traditionally the word Medicine meant ‘to make whole and complete’. Plato, a mathematician and writer of the philosophy stated ‘to heal is to make whole, the entire mind/body/spirit. To cure is to eliminate or relieve immediate distress.’ When I was nursing I found the medical system wanted to cure but forgot to assist the process of making a patient whole.

A heartfelt memory for me whilst nursing was Mr Banks (name changed). He was a diabetic patient whom repeatedly was admitted for diabetic leg ulcers and weight reduction. Mr Banks had been with us for many months as did wound care. He seemed to be happy and enjoyed his food. He knew the medical routines and each of the medical staff history as he took the time to get to know them. He practised whole-istic care. This particular evening I did not finish my shift until 11pm. All the patients were mostly asleep. Mr Banks was due to go home the next morning. He had lost 22 kgs and his leg ulcer was nearly healed. As I did my rounds with my torch to check on patients I noted Mr Banks agitated. I found him digging at his wound and making it bleed with a fork. I switched on his light and sat on his bed to talk to him about what was happening and dressed his fresh wound. It was time for the whole-istic approach with no judgement from me. That is when Mr Banks shared he was more happy in hospital as he got fed, had company and was given love and support in the form of attention to his wound. My heart connected to his and I could feel his pain and isolation. He shared that he would make a wound to get back in to hospital so he could be cared for. Mr Banks gifted all of us whole-istic care and yet as the medical system we had not done that for him. So that night I sent notes to relevant staff to organise support for Mr Banks at home. I reassured Mr Banks that he will have a different situation when going home. The other important factor for me was to ensure Mr Banks knew I did not judge him for his act.

Let’s now go back to the word MEDICAL … to make whole and complete. What if we allowed and provided situations and circumstances for people to feel whole and provided whole-istic care for people, animals, plants and the earth? I know the world would be so different and that there would not be dis-ease. Remember you are already perfect just in different stages of remembering.


Did you know there is nothing actually wrong with you and that you were born perfect and will die perfect? You are whole and complete on all levels including when you have disease. We forget that we are excited and eager as a soul to enter this earth world and experience duality, pain, love and so much more. This is the concept is something the new generation of children have an innate understanding of and was brought through my awareness when I nursed Bianca. When I was nursing I was blessed to have been a part of Bianca’s life for a few hours. You see she was born with no brain but was alive and breathing. Her parents were shocked and in grief. The medical staff were also feeling that way too. There was a part of the medical system that wanted to know more about Bianca and do investigatory tests to learn more. For me it was about Bianca and her parents experiencing a whole-istic approach to this situation. I sat with the parents and held Bianca as they were a little frightened of hurting her. The sheer delight and gift Bianca gifted me and the connection of pure absolute love was extraordinary. I could feel Bianca and this divine sense of perfection and divinity. She knew she was whole and complete as intended and created. She was strong and I could feel her purpose. Bianca was a divine rainbow child.


Her parents were rattled as you can imagine. It was important that they connected with her and ‘listened’ to her. I said “Talk to Bianca and share what your thoughts are, what your fears are, tell how much you have waited for her, and anything else you want to tell her.” There were tears of joy and sadness from both parents and yet Bianca seemed to be at absolute peace with the whole approach and circumstance. She was teaching whole-listic approach to the parents, the family and medical staff which is normal for a rainbow child. The heartfelt connection was a sense of acceptance in this process and the family were looking at the situation as perfect. Bianca was and is whole and was teaching that everything is whole. To have loved and to be loved does not mean that you must have what others have, that you must look like others or that you must behave like others. She was shining her brilliance and allowed us all the gift to experience whole-istic on many levels before she passed over to her next journey.

So next time you query about life or see your self as ‘incomplete’ think back to Bianca, and how she taught whole approach and whole life.

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