1st Code revealed from the Mystery School teachings

1st Code revealed from the Mystery School teachings

Ok lovelies. You have landed here on purpose and I have to share this with you after MAJOR activations when I took a group to Egypt January 2023. At that time I connected with the underground tunnels of the left paw of the sphinx and my memories of the Mystery School flooded back to me and my cells.

People are in search of the secret to success. I am going to reveal it to you and I ask you not take this lightly or poo poo it. It is part of the holy grail and brings pure magic and alchemy in healing. I know as I had a ‘miracle’ healing whilst at the sphinx and so did everyone who came with me.

Many people ask me what is success?

This 3D world would have you believe success is winning awards, having status and title, earning an abundance of money, having children, being involved with a loving relationship. Yes, I have all of these and more but that is where I call and say NO! I know from my own 3D human experience after designing, planning, creating, and manifesting all the experiences. That is not success.

With my awakening, my absolute mind kept saying ‘why do they want to know me now when I have all that whoo ha?’ That is not success. Yes, in this world I can make that happen and access consciousness to live my best life. Success is not by what you do. It is the remembering that you are love and to shine that love in all you do. Hence why I say to all my clients shine your brilliance. The truth is …

Success is an understanding and outcome. It is an accomplishment of a purpose. When we see the bigger picture and have compassion, we are in full consciousness. We are in love and love needs no conditions.

Love needs no proof. Purpose is the ability to be love and offer love.

When people awaken and remember this, there is no pain, hurt, loss or trauma. The disease of separation and isolation stop. The disease of ‘not good enough’ stops. Time and time again as a Nurse and doing this work, I would hear, see, and witness people continually feeling like they were not on purpose or a success. It is just not true. When you say, feel or think this way you are going against the TRUTH that you are not love.

And again, I will say when you think a thought that is not LOVE it is not yours to have. When you think unloving thought about you or anyone, it is the ego separate mind and is NOT truth. It is not yours to own. TIP – when these unloving thoughts come ask is it true and say ‘this is not mine to own’.

Absolute Love

Jean Sheehan is a 6-time Amazon Best Selling Author an award winning and internationally recognised Medical Intuitive known as the ‘Walking Talking MRI’ who travels the world teaching The Secret Codes to Success®.

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