2021 Energies Event

30th & 31st January 2021


Sacred Geometry

Welcome to the quantum physics and mathematics of life, creation and the universe. There is a mathematical formula for everything and a simple equation to living an abundant life on all levels. It is seen as patterns and known as sacred geometry. Through Sacred Geometry is a mathematical code where everyone and everything has an opportunity to see the illusion of separation, experience the pain of this separation and come a neutral point known as zero point. This is also the law of attraction and linked to knowing we are all one and there is no separation. Working from heart:

Random acts of kindness
I am you, you are me


This all relates to consciousness and creation and life. This is part of medical intuition. This is linked to Atlantis and Lemuria and the law of attraction and manifesting.


These beautiful souls attended the online 2021 event where they learnt the magic of manifesting for 2021 energies.


Thank you gorgeous souls.


Absolute love