2025 Moon Cycles and Retrogrades

The universe and absolute keep aligning everything for us to awaken to our pure potential. This aligned with ancient wisdom of Mystery School connected to Atlantis and Lemuria and ancient Egypt. We are repeating cycles and patterns on purpose so as to awaken to the new millennium, a time of oneness, one heart, and one mind. This is the new paradigm.

2025 is about completion of a cycle and completion of expressing yourself the old paradigm. It is being able to express the real you. It is time to end the cycle of pain, hurt, loss and separation where you can not be you. It is time to shine your brilliance.

The affirmation for this year is “I AM FREE TO EXPRESS ME”

Something that is taught in the Millennium Modality® Medical Astrology course (Module IX), is that when there is a retrograde it is a perfect time to align with what is happening.

Make sure to write the dates and details in your diary or calendar so you can manifest your heart’s desires.


Jean Sheehan has shared what the retrogrades are good for so you can write it in your diary. After all the universe tells us what and when to do things so that all is easy to manifest.


i.e. When there is a Mercury retrograde most people stop communicating for fear of it not working.

This is the time to communicate and journal what you want to you!


Shamans, High Priestesses, and Goddesses always aligned all their work according to the moons, retrogrades, natures, elements, and cycles.

And that is what Jean Sheehan, Internationally recognized and award-winning Medical Intuitive does too.

Make sure to come and learn this Modern Day Medicine woman knowledge with Medical Intuition and the Millennium Modality®.

You will if you are ready create life from lost to being the

Jean-I-O-US® of your own life. And as Jean would say