7 Steps to Absolute Empowerment

What Is Absolute Empowerment?
These questions are continually asked by generation after generation. What is the absolute? What is real empowerment? There is an abundance of empowerment courses. Let’s find out the true meaning of this statement and the truth behind the sacredness of it all.  What if it really means ‘love of self’ as a complete being in all ways? What if absolute empowerment means knowing you can create abundance in everything you do? It is easy; empowerment is dominate within all of us and is ready to shine at any stage once we access it. This is the meaning of the Holy Grail that has been searched for thousands of years. It is the innate knowingness within, the understanding we are conscious co creators of everything in our world and the feelings of completeness. The cup of life is absolute love.
Our Power Is In Our Hands




1)  Perfect, whole, complete
2)  ABSOLUTE is the totality of ALL things; all that is, whether it has been discovered or not. It is conceived as a unitary state of external cosmos and internal spiritual consciousness – at least insofar as it can be acknowledged by the human mind. It is the ultimate reality. It contrasts with finite things, considered individually, known collectively as relative. To summarise, the ABSOLUTE is referred to as THE ALL. The ONENESS refers to the experience of the ABSENCE egoic identity boundaries, and, the perception of an ABSOLUTE unity of all matter, thought in space-time, or one’s ultimate identity with GOD. There is a world of NO duality.
Absolute Is Love Of Self



WOW! What a lot to comprehend and what does it all mean in regards to LOVE OF SELF. Let’s get back to basics – right back to the beginning when we were created. As babies we once knew we were PERFECT/WHOLE/COMPLETE. We knew we were pure LOVE. There was an innate part of ourselves that felt safe, secure and one with all things. We knew that we were free to express ourselves. We knew we would be taken care of no matter what. We were connected to everything by a sense, not like the five senses but the innate wisdom of ABSOLUTE – no EGO. We only had to cry and someone would pick us up, feed us, nurture us and comfort us until we felt reassured. The reason for all of this is we were still connected to ABSOLUTE LOVE. We had a wisdom that was a special kind of knowing – inexplicable sense of intimacy with ourselves that we knew we were PURE. We were absolute empowerment. As we grew up and evolved, that wisdom started to disconnect and we were taught why we not perfect. Can you recall hearing:

•  “You are too fat/skinny”

•  “You are too smart/not smart enough”
•  “You are good/bad”
•  “You are too young/too old”



Do you see yourself as separate or whole?



All these simple meaningless comments started to create a sense of duality and separateness within you as a young soul. It commenced creating a world of non perfect, non whole and non complete. These new concepts of duality and incomplete were every where including Parents, Teachers, TV, fashion, Medical system and media in general. Everyone was judging and people/things were always showing you what was ‘not perfect’. As that young soul grew, it learnt to focus on the SELF as unlovable! Then the teachings and lessons were to obtain the LOVE OF SELF by outside possessions and experiences whereas the innate wisdom of the soul knew it was from inside. So, as part of the journey, people try different fashions in clothes, hairstyles, houses and more. They will buy more things to make them feel complete. And of course when they find the person/place/job/life purpose that is when they shall be PERFECT! Again all outside desires to fill an empty hole inside. This is now known as overeating!

Many clients have explained when these things mentioned above were taken away, they really found themselves. Some found it through cancer, some with their house being burnt down, family member suiciding and others through marriage break ups. It was a reality ‘check’ of what is real? What makes you feel complete and whole?
Surely there must be another way to experience love of self without trauma or drama. For some they will require a ‘Mack truck’ experience to wake them up to what is important and what is real. These supposed traumas create an opportunity for one to perceive the world as different. It is time to see ourselves and realise how wonderful we are, how important we are and most of all without each and every person in this world, it would not be complete and perfect. I liken it to ‘life is a puzzle’. Each of us is piece of that puzzle. If we take away one piece of that puzzle we feel lost and incomplete.
I AM That I AM – Complete




Life is filled with learning lessons. With these lessons, we need instructions that will help us to absolute empowerment. Having easy steps to self empowerment will bring the result of absolute love of self and sense of completeness and wholeness.  Other methods include Medical Intuition, Courses, Sacred Geometry griding, essences sprays and oral essences, and more. Try these easy and effective 7 Steps to Absolute Empowerment.

7 Steps To Absolute Empowerment



needs never to be defended or protected for there is nothing to protect only the illusionary needs protection when it feels threatened and only the ego can feel threatened.
is based on the ability to love yourself.
is the totally related to your thoughts and negative feelings, behaviour and other people’s behaviour toward you. By loving yourself totally, rejection or approval from others can never affect you.
is ceasing from making a perfect situation wrong. Because you forgot who you once were (love and perfection), you judged someone or something as bad or wrong.
is taking charge of your life and living it the way you really want, independent of how others or society says you should.
is the ability to say how you feel and think and act without feeling bad, anxious or fearful. It is the ability to be assertive in the running of your own life and overcoming timidity.
acceptance of nonacceptance     
self acceptance vs. indifference
acceptance of physical body
acceptance of your intelligence
acceptance of your emotions
acceptance of your uniqueness
acceptance of self as well as others
self acceptance vs. guilt
self acceptance without complaint

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