Welcome to Ascension Chakras.

These chakras are what I have always been able to see since a small child but was not able to explain until I had my awakening, which I share in my Jean Sheehan Story Book.

As a Nurse, I could see these chakras affecting the health of a patient.

I have taught about these chakras in the accredited Medical Intuitive courses. 

When doing Medical Intuitive sessions, I don’t go into these chakras with the client as they are more aware of physical pain rather than the esoteric or quantum healing of the body.

Within the body, there are 8 main chakras which hold dis-ease and dis-harmony. They include:

  1. Crown
  2. Third eye
  3. Throat
  4. Thymus
  5. Heart
  6. Solar plexus
  7. Sacral
  8. Root

Each of these chakras hold stories, pain and disease within them and when giving a Medical Intuitive session, it is important to balance these so as the person can be well again.

There are also 13 minor chakras which include:

  1. Eyes
  2. Ears
  3. Mouth
  4. Nose
  5. Hands
  6. Inner elbow
  7. Outer elbow
  8. Feet
  9. Hips
  10. Knees
  11. Shoulders
  12. Genitals
  13. Nipples

Again, these chakras can hold disease and stories which prevent you from shining your brilliance.

Ascension Chakras can be found all over the body.

The Millennium Children® have an awareness of these chakras and will talk about it very innately and specifically. 

These chakras are opening now as people are awakening spontaneously to the new millennium. Some people will have like a trauma or something to awaken and to go “oh, there’s something else here”. 

As we approach transformation evolution time which is also linked to Atlantis, Ancient Egypt, Lemuria and medieval days and now, the body is changing.  And these chakras are opening up and morphing for this awakening process to happen for people.    

From here, I will share all that I know and hope that it awakens within you a transformational healing process, to return back to absolute love as taught in Atlantis and Lemuria.



– Found 15 cm below the feet in the ground
– Anchors and grounds the column to the Earth’s core

The Earth Star chakra  is found 15 cm, half a ruler length, below the feet into the ground. That anchors and grounds the kundalini’s column to the earth’s core.  That Earth Star allows people to be grounded and specially if they’re very airy fairy, very right brain.  People that are not connected to that earth star will feel like they’re standing sideways.  A lot of children will talk about it and say “I feel like I’m standing by myself, I feel like I‘m leaning over”. The root and foot chakras are all for grounding but this chakra especially helps with grounding too.



– Known as the ‘bridging chakra’
– Found between the ankles
– Appears a brilliant white diamond-like light

The Universal Presence chakra is known as the ‘bridging chakra’.  It’s found in between ankles.  Sometimes when ankle is hurt, is will be about taking a step forward. E.g. “I want to build a bridge to that next thing”.  A  14-year old teenager fell down a flight of stairs. She had just started secondary school and was not bridging primary school to secondary school.  There was bridge of transition into the next step.  When the Doctors xray it, they couldn’t find anything. It wasn’t black, it wasn’t bruised, there wasn’t anything, but the teenager had incredible pain.Please be aware of with these chakras, they can bring huge physical pain to people especially people who are very connected or have good sensitivity.  Sometimes when we see these chakras, they’ll have a color in the shade, sometimes they won’t.  This bridging chakra appears as a brilliant white diamond-like light.The Universal presence is saying “I need a bridge between the physical and the metaphysical”.



– Located 4m behind the heart chakra
– Primary chakra for activating and opening the heart to the absolute presence within

The Galactic Heart Chakra is located 4 meters behind the heart chakra. Have you ever experienced this? You might be walking your dog and you can feel someone or something behind you but there is nothing there?  This chakra is the understanding that we are way beyond this physical realm and that we are part of the galactic universe which is linked to Atlantis and Lemuria. 

Many children express something’s hurting their heart but it is not physical. It is this chakra.  It’s the primary chakra for activating and opening up the heart to absolute so sometimes people will start to feel their awakening process by an emotional pull first.  They might say “I was just wondering what it might be like to die”.  They might think of an auntie that died or parent that died. The awakening starts in the heart space, the heart, higher heart, thymus and the thymus chakra, the heart chakra and the galactic heart so that an activation can occur.



– Co-ordinates the I AM presence within the body
– Found between the calves
– Appears as golden white light

This chakra coordinates the I AM presence within the body.  The I AM  presence is whatever we say we are. It appears as a golden white light and found between the calves.  When out of balance,  this chakra can create growing pains in children. This is because children are learning “I AM … a man, teenager, person”. They are discovering who are they.

For those that have shin splint pain, it is about them transforming. Especially if they are exercising and transforming from overweight to thin or unfit to fit.



– Found between the knees
– Known as the bridging chakra of choice and will power
– Appears as a rainbow pyramid

The Link Chakra can be the cause of knee problems.  This is a bridging chakra of choice and will. If the person feels like he has no choice or will power, he can feel pain in the knee.



– Found 2 ½ cm either side of the heart chakra
– Gateway of those times and resolution of all that occurred at those times
– Appears as a platinum golden diamond

This Lemurian/Atlantean gateway Chakra is 2.5 cm either side of the heart chakra.  It’s the gateway of Atlantis and Lemuria.  It appears like a platinum gold;  platinum gold is silvery-gold diamond.



– Found in the back of neck
– Co-ordinates the release of unconscious/repressed energies to the conscious
– Appears a spherical emerald white light

The Zeal Chakra or the Zeal Point of Consciousness is found on the back of the neck.  It coordinates the release of unconscious repressed energy.  It appears like a white emerald sphere.  You’ll know if it’s time to release anything that’s repressed or unconscious because it will feel just quite tight. This is usually the need to express anger.



– Found on the hairline above the forehead, where one’s unicorn horn and cell is held
– Aids the re-patterning of DNA
– Stores the original blueprint and original cell
– Appears as a golden, silver thread

The atomic or etheric doorway, it’s found just on the hairline of our forehead.  Now, it’s like that unicorn.  What I describe as someone’s unicorn related to the Atlantis energy and it aids the re-patterning of  DNA. It stores the original blueprint of the original cell.



– Found at the back of the head at the occipital area
– Co-ordinates the activation of one’s universal consciousness
– Appears as a silver emerald light

We come to the Universal point of Consciousness chakra found at the back of the head just at the occipital area.  This area coordinates activation of one mind, one heart universal consciousness.  Sometimes it can feel a little bit cloggy here when people do lymphatic training or lymphatic massage because in this area, there’s a lot of lymph nodes and things so just be gentle when massaging this area.  This area will feel like the person has got like a tension headache. The activation of that one Universal mind is being able  to say “you know what? We are all one!”



– Found above the left ear
– Activates one’s multi-universal consciousness
– Appears as a brilliant golden-yellow light

The Multi-universal point of consciousness chakra is found above the left ear. It activates the multi-universal consciousness, meaning that there’s multi-universes. 



– Pastel rainbow
– Found above the right ear
– Activates the God consciousness

The God Presence chakra is found above the right ear.  It is about finding the vital force of life and know that “we are not alone”.



– Found 7 – 15cm above the head
– Appears as golden sphere
– Co-ordinates the grounding of one’s soul light and love

The Soul Star  is 7-15 cm above the head. It’s like a golden sphere.  It coordinates the grounding of one’s soul light and love.  Other people call it a star chakra.  Some children will say “I don’t know why I’m quite not in my body.” The Soul star can have people say “Just not feeling quite myself.”



– Found 40cm above the head
– Activates the prana to regenerate physical, emotional, mental, spiritual bodies
– Appears as a rainbow colour

The Lifelight Chakra is found 40cm above the head.  It activates the prana to regenerate physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. It puts lifelight force in that balance of all aspects of yourself. And why do we need prana or lifelight force in those areas above the head? Because we’re in our brain a lot.  If you look at any of the thermal imaging, when we’re thinking, the brain gets really red in color.  It brings sense of “ah, I feel quite complete and energized especially without life force energy”.



– Found 55 – 60sm above the head
– Appears as rainbow diamond
– Activates the multi-dimentional levels to be reconnected with them here on Earth

The Aum Chakra, found  55 to 65 cm above the head activates the multi-dimentional levels above the 5th dimension and beyond. Babies are completely connected to this Aum chakra.



– Appears as a brilliant white light
– Activates and integrates higher dimentional light bodies
– Found 35cm above the head

The Maya chakra is for accessing and being aware of beings and life force from other dimensions.



– Appears as a crystal rainbow wheel
– Found 100cm above the head
– Co-ordinates cleansing of the higher dimensional bodies

The Light Star Chakra helps in the cleansing of the higher dimensional bodies.  It coordinates cleansing of the higher frequencies and making it in a form that we can integrate it in this 3rd dimension.


May you know your body is always talking. It is the one thing you own. Look after it on all levels of care.

I hope to see you on the Medical Intuitive courses soon.


Absolute love,