Children and Past Lives

Children and Past Lives

Ever since childhood I have never quite understood past lives or the future as I have always understood them to be one. Now as an adult I can explain that a past life is now and it is not past. It is present so you learn the lesson and move on to create a new outcome for the future. It can also be recalling past wisdom such as psychic surgery from Atlantis which you need to use now and continue on to the future. This is what happened for one family I was assisting during a Medical Intuitive session.


Children of all ages express such wisdom and are so upfront with what they share. I can recall one family bringing their child to me and saying their concerns of how their daughter kept speaking in a made up language. They were embarrassed by it as the child would then make this ‘weird’ sound. Indigo, their 6 year old daughter would make patterns on the ground from rocks and have this huge collection of them. She called them her ‘book’ and that they have stories in them. I loved every minute of this session as what the parents were about to discover was that Indigo was tapping in to a past life of Atlantis. It was fabulous and yet misunderstood.


So the next step was to educate the family about quantum mechanics, energy and past lives. Having taught this at Queensland University and to many corporate clients, it was easy for me to share it in a scientific way that made sense to them. Personally I was so excited as Indigo was sharing her gift so freely and easily and being her true self. She said quite assertively ‘Jean, I know why I am here and the grown ups have to wake up. I get my information from the rocks as that is where we put it when the fires and water came years ago. Why can’t Mum and Dad understand my language and why can’t they read the rocks to me? I have to fix and help the animals and set them free from the bad stuff.” I asked what bad stuff. “The animals are forgetting who they are and then fighting with each other. Then they will get sick and they will hurt each other like the people do.” I had tears rolling down my face in sheer delight and I felt so honored at her wisdom, insight and recollection. Now she was speaking telepathically with me. The detail and images she showed me were brilliant and recalled those times too. She had accessed Atlantis and could not define if it was past, present or future. I could relate to this child in every way and felt the same. The patterns she was making on the floor were crystal grids and they were accessing other dimensions and knowledge of how to help heal the animals. My heart sung as this was incredible. Now to educate and inform Indigo’s parents.


I explained that there is no time or space in quantum mechanics. There was lots of diagrams on the whiteboard in my office and examples of taking them back to their childhood to connect with what Indigo was sharing and experiencing. What we perceive as imaginary is really our reality and reality is perception and experience. Indigo was not making things up, she was not autistic as they were querying, she was highly intelligent and accessing information just like Einstein. As I used this example this seemed to allow the parents to feel more relaxed.

I got a call from Indigo’s parents 6 months after our initial session. Indigo had taught her parents about the spiritual world and they began to study this work. As a family they commenced voluntary work rescuing animals. The language Indigo speaks is called the Language of Light and her sounds were healing tones that allow the animals to feel calm and peace. Mum and Dad have since bought Indigo many crystals and she naturally and confidently lays these on the animals they rescue. She lays her hands on the animals and has been teaching her parents. My heart sings at this and I am so excited how Indigo has woken her parents to another way and recalled her past life where she was High Priestess to the land animal kingdom of Atlantis. But it is not past for Indigo, it is in the now and it will affect the future too. She is accessing potentiality and knowing all is in the now. This is so sacred and divine and gift for me and her parents.


We are souls having a human experience. Each day you are in the now and you can access past and present. What do you choose to live? We need your wisdom now and the new generation need to share their insights too.

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Children and Past Lives© – Article By: Jean Sheehan, Millennium Education & Absolute Empowerment Noosa Heads, Sunshine Coast , Queensland, Australia

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