Christmas – Time to Connect

Medical Intuition
Christmas – Time to Connect

Throughout my years of nursing and Medical Intuition, I have seen many unable to handle Christmas energies and some even take their life. The energies at this time is oneness and yet it can bring feelings of separate and alone. This is my busiest time for people requiring healings, and life skills tools to empower them. Personally, I can relate to both happy and sad feelings at Christmas as my Mum died on Christmas day when I just tuned 16 years old. So in writing this article I do so with the greatest heart love for all and I ask you to be mindful and aware for many at this time. The following is based on actual clients but names are changed for confidentiality.

‘If only my son was with me for Christmas’. These words from a recent client who lost her 17-year-old son to the effects of ICE addiction. My first reaction was offer a hug and allow Tabitha to share what was happening for her. Her story and her sons’ experience was something I have heard so many times at Christmas time.

The festive time can be traumatic for some people as they don’t have their loved ones with them, finances are so tight or they are alone. As a nurse at Christmas time, it would be our busiest time for mental health admissions. As a nurse I would listen to the patients at admission whilst filling in their paperwork and it was always the same story. The feelings of alone, not good enough, feeling like they had nothing to offer the world and wanting to end the pain. Some patients explained that they tried to numb the mental pain with smoking, over eating, recreational drugs such as marijuana, prescription drugs such as Xanax and others worked incredibly long hours until exhaustion and hospitalization. My heart wanted to reach and sooth their ‘pain’ and let them know it was going to be OK but there was something else happening for them. It was not until I commenced Medical Intuition work and working with the Millennium Children® that I really understood what was happening for people and the effect that the festive season had on them. Now let’s get back to Tabitha and her son Andy.

‘Andy was such a sociable young man. He was popular and always had friends so I did not guess that he had a drug problem or that anything bad was happening. He was sports captain at his school and he only had 2 months left of school. He had HUGE dreams of travelling and being the humanitarian, he wanted to teach 3rd world country children Australian Football. It looked like life was set out for him. Andy’s teachers adored him and always said he was such a happy go lucky boy. Yes, his grades could have been better but his personality overrode his academic side and he just seemed to be a likeable boy. So why did he take the drugs? What was thinking? What was going on? Why didn’t he come and talk to me? I am his Mum.’ As Tabitha said these last words she burst in to tears and her whole body shook violently with grief and a sense of failure as a parent.


From the outside Andy looked popular and successful but what if he was feeling alone and isolated. What if the ICE drug allowed him to numb his real feelings and what if he was trying to connect with an energy and feeling of oneness? Andy had been smoking marihuana for about 6 months prior to the ICE death. Andy’s close friend BUNGY (nick name) told Andy’s mum that he used to talk about wanting to die and that he could not take the loneliness any more. He had voices in his head saying he was ‘useless and no good at anything’. This was happening just after being nominated sports captain.


Last year I had a loving couple bring their 15-year-old son to me as he had taken ‘drugs’ and they were furious and frightened. They did not know what to do. During the Medical Intuitive session, it was revealed that the 15 year old boy was taking the drugs to quieten the ‘white noise’, the constant chatter in his head which was about not being good enough. The drugs made everything quiet and easy to deal with. Once this young man understood his personality, was assisted with life skills and his parents were given tools to empower him, he blossomed by leaving school and commencing an apprenticeship in landscaping which he loved and NO MORE DRUGS. Both Andy and the 15 year old boys took drugs to alleviate the anguish of feeling ‘no good’.

The energy at Christmas spirituality is quite intense and is about oneness and yet it can bring up feelings of separation. There is a sacred geometry alignment of togetherness and if we forget we feel isolation and failure more rapidly and intensely. The feelings and emotions intensify and we as humans are not taught how to deal with this intensity. This is a time to celebrate ourselves but for many they have forgotten to see their brilliance and they falsify it with additives such as food, drugs and alcohol. Christ-mas is the mass consciousness of seeing the best in our selves and celebrating that. The key is to love who you are, see your gifts and celebrate every day. If you are affected by this time, ensure to gain support and have friends or family there to assist you. It is time to see and know you are brilliant – you were born that way and you do not need to do anything to shine this. Remember you are already perfect just in different stages of remembering. From my heart to yours you are loved more than you know and I truly wish you a life that you love.

Medical Intuition – Christmas Time to Connect©– Article By: Jean Sheehan, Millennium Education & Absolute Empowerment Noosa Heads, Sunshine Coast , Queensland, Australia

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