Hello amazing soul.


So many times I get asked how do I do my procedures and techniques during my Medical intuitive sessions. After doing these for 25+ years I seem to do it so naturally, I did not know students and practitioners would want to know what I do.


Now this is where I always say integrate all that you know and that is what I did during my sessions. I used my Nursing wisdom with my Medical Intuition.


It is important to have a CLIENT CONSENT FORM. For several reasons and I encourage you all to make this as part of your procedures. Your see we live in a changing world and things need to be clear for you and your client. After all we want them to manifest their health as their wealth. And for them to live their best life. Having this form allows you to:


  1. Know their details so you have clarity
  2. Having their details you can contact them in the future for follow up calls and support
  3. Keep a record of what they have stated for legal reasons
  4. The client has clarity when they attend your session so they get better results
  5. Boundaries are set
  6. It sets the intention for you and them to have the best outcome


To support you and create value I have a CLIENT CONSENT FORM created for you. All you need to do is download it here and print as many copies you want. As this is my version, just make sure to delete the bottom details and ad your own.


Always wanting to be in service to you and create value for you