Crystals and Children

Crystals and Children

Gemstones and crystals are part of the Earth. A third of the composition of our Goddess planet is made of quartz, and the silica and water crystals is composed of are also major components of our physical bodies. Quartz is fossilized water and our bodies are mostly water.
Gemstones and crystals have been used since the dawn of time. No one exactly knows when crystals and gemstone were first used for healing. The first historical references for the use of crystals come from the Ancients, including Atlantis and Lemuria. In Atlantis the crystals were used to heal in temples and were believed to be very powerful and able to cure any disease of the body, mind or emotions. The Ancient Sumerians included crystals in magic formulas. The Ancient Egyptians used Lapis lazuli, turquoise, carnelian, emerald and clear quartz in their jewelry. They also carved grave amulets of the same gems. The ancient Egyptians used stones primarily for protection and health. The Mayans used the power of crystals for healing on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. The medicine men in many Native American tribes and indigenous tribes in Australia also used (and still use) crystals to diagnose illness, as well as to heal people. Crystals and gemstones were seen as a precious commodity years ago so children would only be allowed to play with the more commonly found stones, unless they were from very wealthy families or of royal decent.


How do crystals heal? I will try to explain. Crystals are being used in many ways including being glued into the bridle of a thoroughbred racehorse to calm them before a big race!! Now the horse doesn’t know the crystals are calming him, but it works. The power of crystal healing is hard to explain but it is powerful and gentle at the same time. To choose which is the best crystal for you at any given time use your senses, first sight, what are you drawn to pick up? Next how does it feel? Can you feel any tingling or warmth radiating from the stone? Do you hear any words or information being passed on? Listen to your heart to connect to the healing properties of the crystal you have picked up, if it feels good it is the one for you. They can be used to help with sleeplessness, to lessen pain, to create a positive atmosphere in the home. They can be used to aid meditation and can be worn in jewelry. They can be used on the body during healing energy work and also placed under the bed during massages. Crystals are full of information that we need to heal the planet and then ourselves. Crystal vibrates at a frequency that we cannot see but we can feel it. Clear quartz for example has been used in watches, computers mobile phones, etc. because they help to increase the energy flow. The healing energy helps our body, mind and spirit to resonate on the correct frequency so we are in harmony with Mother Nature and the earth. Crystals are here to help us connect back to nature ensuring her survival. The more we connect back to this loving energy the harder it will be for us to take advantage of the earths resources without giving back. More and more people than ever before are drawn to crystals gentle healing energy. Children, especially the sensitive ones are connecting to crystals even when their parents have no interest or knowledge of them. These children are tomorrow’s teachers. They are sometimes called Crystal children, but as I have found out there are many different names including Star, Rainbow, and Aqua Children. Doreen Virture also includes the Indigo Children. These children are so connected to many lives and dimensions they often talk about past lives as soon as they can talk. They are often Allergic to many foods and chemicals; I will talk more in detail about the affects of chemicals and food allergy’s later in the article. I asked my middle son recently what he feels when he touches crystals, he said, “they are more than energy they are full of LOVE. We can use this LOVE to heal all pain and suffering now and in the future.

Millennium Education through the teaching courses has taught me a lot about the power of crystals and how children especially the Psychic and Awakened Children have so much to teach us. During the Millennium Modality, Medical Intuitive courses we meditate in a huge crystal grid which is very powerful, then we learn how to grid the body and under the massage bed. Crystals are essential when doing Medical Intuition work. When we grid the body it opens up the body, mind and spirit to endless possibilities. Transformations can and do happen. When I have had gridding done on myself I am able to let go and go into a deep meditative state it is deeply relaxing and enjoyable. Gridding is not new but very ancient. The gridding starts underneath the earth where a network of crystals and gemstone energy intersects the Earth. At ground level this network is formed of the lay lines, the planet’s acupuncture map. Beyond Earth’s body and mirrored in the human mental body aura is the universal grid. This is formed by crystal and gemstone energy radiating from the planet and the galaxy and also is incorporated into human energy. The Wiccan adage for this is, “As above, so below.”


We can all use crystals to grid, essences and listen to children especially the awakened ones. Crystals can help these very sensitive children connect back to the Universal source and feel peace and unconditional love. Rose quartz, Amethyst, and Clear Quartz are excellent crystals for children and can be placed in the bedrooms to help them sleep, small tumble stones are great for them to keep in their pocket so they can take to school for confidence and concentration. So many Psychic and Awakened children are misdiagnosed and labeled A.D.H.A, Autistic, Asperger’s and more. It is our job to help educate their parents so they can live without drugs and chemicals. Then they in turn will teach us how to live cleaner lives knowing we are all ONE. If one suffers so do we all. Children who are sensitive to energies around them love crystals they become like friends to them; they can feel the warm loving energy and feelings from the stones. Children are our greatest teachers if we let them. Crystals are an important tool for everyone to use in their own lives and their families this will spread out to the community and eventually the world.

I am the mother of three children they are 10 yrs, 8 yrs and 5 yrs old they are all sensitive to the energies around them. My two youngest children have been ill and in the past and suffered from severe allergies. My middle son at 11 months old had a severe allergic reaction to a sunscreen. It was an Anaphylaxis reaction (Anaphylaxis means without end) this was the most frightening experiences of my life. He had an immediate reaction where is eyes nose and mouth were swelling so I quickly washed the sunscreen off but I didn’t realize at the time a baby under 1 years old has skin which is 1000 times more absorbable than an adults. So the chemicals in the sunscreen went into his blood stream and to his liver. Within 24 hours he was vomiting and had dioheara this continued until he was admitted into hospital 6 days later. I had to stay strong and use my intuition to help my very sick baby son. It was a long slow recovery and took months until he stopped vomiting. Eventually he was able to keep some food in him and he got stronger each day. This experience made me who I am today and was a great lesson. He is a great teacher. I have used crystals on all my children since they were babies, they would sleep next to them and when they were ill I would stick the crystals on to their nappies so they had them next to their skin. As they grew up they loved looking at all of my crystal collection, and then they wanted their own to play with. My middle child has always something to teach me and when he was six years old he told me “mummy there are so many sick children and their mummies don’t know how to help them you must help them”.

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