Crystals and Healings

Crystals and Healings


Crystals have been around for thousands of years and have been used in healings, statues, buildings, watches, snuffboxes etc. The Japanese have the highest respect for rock crystal, which they consider to be the symbol for perfection and purity. Crystals are both functional and ornamental and the Atlanteans used crystal for healing – communication – weather control – as record keepers – among other things. Many ancient civilizations used crystals including Egyptians, Mayans, Aztecs, American Indians, African Native, and Celts. The breastplate of the high priest referred to in Exodus consisted of 27 stones and the Bible refers to crystals over 200 times. People used stones, shells and other objects for personal adornment as early as the Upper Paleothic period (25,000-12,000 B.C.E.). In India, a belt excavated from a tomb (dated to 3000 B.C.E.) contained agate, carnelian, jade, jasper and lapis lazuli and beautiful stones were valued and used in trade.

Mask of King Tutankhamen

Crystals and gemstones have been highly prized for several thousand years. Way back in the Ancient Egyptian times they were used for healing and magical properties. Some were ground up and used as a medicine, others were ground up and used as eye make-up and paint. There are many ancient papyrus that refer to the uses of gemstones of which the Ebers Papyrus being probably the most famous. The famous golden funerary mask of King Tutankhamen which is around 3,500 years old, contains many crystals and gemstones, including Obsidian, Calcite, Carnelian, Green Feldspar (Amazonite), Malachite and Lapis Lazuli.

Crystals are used today in many items. Quartz crystals are used in modern computers as oscillators to record time and the cooling systems of refrigerators. Silica crystals are used to absorb odors. Selenite is ground up to use for plaster. Quartz is contained in fiber optic wiring as it has the ability to store information. Rubies are used in lasers, Fluorite is used in fluoride toothpaste, talc is used in talcum powder, Halite is a form of table salt that is used in cooking, Slate is used as blackboard material, Hematite is used to make nails in construction, Chalcopyrite is used to create copper wires and Graphite is used to make pencil lead. According to The Llewellyn Encyclopedia, 2002, there are 12 crystalline fields of communication within the Earth and we will be able to communicate with the distant galaxies. Liquid crystals are the largest way that we use crystals in today’s society. In 2010 over $1, 5677.77 Million worth of sales of liquid crystals, which are used in items such as digital calculators, and high-resolution flat-panel, displays. With this large amount of sales, the research to further develop the liquid crystals must also increase to improve the quality of products produced.

LCD TV that uses liquid crystals.

Future generations will see crystals used more frequently and one such was is the use of liquids crystals in windows as a privacy screen as the liquid crystals can be turned on and off. Solar panels will become cheaper as nanocrystals will be used instead of the way solar panels are used today. Nanocrystals can also make electrical components very small thereby making electrical items smaller.

Windows using liquid crystals for privacy.
If future generations are able to tap into the original crystal then the uses are immeasurable but could include using them in the medical field alongside the traditional healing methods to help the client “heal” faster. In Millennium Education’s MMMI – Module I course, the Caduceus symbol had a clear quartz as the sphere on the top. The complete ball is the birth of the whole universe through the sacred sphere and is the sacred symbol of the clarity of unconditional love.
Crystal ball at top of caduceus.
The Egyptians used gridding, crystals and essences to help ‘let go’ of FEAR based E-motions. Fear was and is the primary force that stops a person from growing into the light. With the help of Healings, Essences, Crystals and other techniques to deal with the emotions, emptying will be done to create a new world for a NEW GENERATION. Crystals are referred to when talking about the staff. The Staff, Wand, Talking Stick, Prayer stick would be decorated with crystals, shells, stones, beads and feathers. In some cases, such as Ancient Egypt, the staff would be glazed in gold to represent ALL THAT IS and have gems inserted in them. This was to help them get in touch with their feelings and intuition. Colours were important depending on what civilization culture and belief system.

The article called The Crystal Child relates to these children being natural healers as they have a love of crystals and a true understanding of the crystals capabilities. These children have the memories from Atlantis and how to heal with crystals and awaken people using the crystals. They have a connection to Lemuria that allows them to call on the ancient knowledge and techniques of toning, gridding, and crystal manifestation. When we are able to connect with the crystals and have the ability to listen then we are also able to call on this ancient knowledge. The article titled The Aqua Child mentions that crystals were integral as forms of healing, communicating, storing information and connecting with other universes. Connecting with the crystals like the aqua children will allow us to be able to communicate via telepathy and use the crystals when we conduct healings. The article Stillbite Crystal can balance and cleanse the heart and crown chakra, which will help the person to discover their true dreams and desires of their life. To be able to use crystals in many ways for healing and self-realisations is very liberating. In the article called Atlantis Myth & Legend, The Mystery Schools of Atlantis, Atlantean Technology mention that using the crystals they were able to genetically modify the souls and bodies to create a new being. Crystals can be used to change our DNA, which then changes our way of thinking and the way we live. The masters of Atlantis were taught how to use crystals to reach an understanding that nothing was separate and everything was God or Absolute. To be able to understand this is the ultimate knowledge. The article titled Legend of Lemuria … The truth revealed, mentions that the Lemurians knew that the knowledge need to be stored for future generations as the holy people knew that something was shifting. This meant that the information would be forgotten until the human race woke up and remembered. The way that the holy people stored this information was in crystals that are known as Lemurian Seed Crystals. This knowledge could help us to learn to use crystals in ways that we are yet to discover which could revolutionize the world. In the article, titled The Merkaba it talks about the full impact of this amazing tool can only be experienced by crystal gridding and connection to the Kundalini. The crystal especially when used in the merkaba grid activates our own merkaba, which can then help us to see the world through different eyes. 

The tools that can be used to do with crystals are crystal gridding to help people move their ‘stuff’ on, change their perception and way of thinking. Using crystal jewelry as a way of getting people to touch crystals can help them to relax which helps people to breathe. Breathing is important as it helps us to integrate what we are thinking whether this is positive or negative. Using crystals in water to help with headaches, rose quartz, or for clarity, which is clear quartz. Also using crystals to make crystal essences can assist people looking at their illnesses or pain etc in a different way to see where it could be coming from. 

I have been fascinated with crystals for many years now and have completed crystal-healing courses. I have also started making my own crystal essences, as I believe they have the ability to help people see situations and people with a different light and to move stuff on. I also wanted to know more about the history of crystals and why the world is so fascinated with them. I have felt an affinity with crystals and I have found it so easy to know exactly what to do with them, whether placing them on and around a person, where and what kind of crystal to place around the house in specific spots, knowing when they needed cleansing, whether a person was able to hold or touch the, crystal, when a crystal wanted to be passed onto someone and now how to make Crystal Mother Tinctures and personal crystal essences. I always knew that I had been using crystals for thousands of years and this was proven with the courses that I have done in knowing exactly what to do with the crystal. Crystals have enhanced my life in the way that I am able to see situations and people differently and by knowing what crystal essence to use. This has given me confidence in my abilities and knowledge so that I am able to talk about my business with ease.

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